How, where and why bait to catch carp

Basic rules for priming

It is important not to confuse a baiting planned for a session of several days and a baiting for just an evening shot or on a spot.
Indeed, the former will require more preparation and more bait than the "lightning" fishing, especially if you fish in large bodies of water such as lakes or rivers.
In water bodies where the fishing pressure is constant and the carpanglers numerous, it would be wise to reduce your baiting and prefer a more precise fishing by locating the carps.
In baiting, each fishing situation is different and you should not fall into the automation of the gesture.

How much to bait in a pond to catch carp

A Carp battery ready to unroll

Carp waiting for good boilies

Sometimes just a handful of seeds or boilies per rod will be enough to trigger the carp's appetite.
Then yes, the baiting is essential if we want to keep the fish on the spot and to accustom them to feed on it but it is also likely to make them run away in certain cases (educated carps, overfished water bodies...).
This is why, as far as possible, that it is really necessary to locate the carps before settling on an unknown spot and to dump quantities of bait blindly.
You will certainly find the information you need on the web, in the fishing magazines or with specialized shops and even with local fishermen!

The quantities of bait to be provided for the fishery

They can vary depending on the season, the size of the water body and the livestock present:
If the carp density is high and in the period from May to October, it will be necessary to distribute at least 5 kg of seeds and 500 boilies per day to keep them on the post.
If the stock is low and the fishing pressure is important, 1 to 2 kg of bait per day (crushed boilies, seeds, pellets, flour...) and 100 boilies will be more than enough.
Do not hesitate to adapt your baiting to the results obtained and be patient.

Boilies and tiger-nut for carp baiting

Corn bait balls for Carp

Large amount of boilies for priming

* In spring, baiting with flour, seeds and pellets is to be expected, as the carp need to feed after winter.
*In summer, if it's hot, we'll reduce the quantities during the day to focus on the evening or night bait.
*In autumn, we can go back to the spring priming, because the Carp need reserves before the great cold of winter.

You can also come every day to bait a post before fishing there, but I prefer to see the evolution of my tactics and especially to go fishing so I don't miss anything.
Whether "locally" around the bait or within a defined perimeter, the carp must be kept on the post at all costs.
It will be less important in the winter than in the summer because the fish will reduce their food as soon as the temperature drops.
Complementary composition to bait flours :
* Cooked corn
* Sweet corn
* Beans
* Chickpea
* Lupins
* Peanuts (in small quantities)
* Chenevis
* Special flours (trade)
* Boilies, pellets
* Potatoes, chestnuts, bread ...

Important reminder: it is imperative to soak the seeds

Technical baiting means for fishing for carp

On an unknown body of water, my first choice is seeds. They no longer have to prove themselves as a primer.
For fishing at medium distance, I make balls the size of a beautiful orange with a mixture of seeds and special carp flour.

The slingshot with an adapted bucket and a powerful rubber band allows to throw easily at more than 40 meters the boilies or the bait balls.
For longer distances, the use of a catapult is recommended for the bait balls.
The cobra or the pneumatic boilie launcher allows to launch boilies at very long distance with a certain precision.
As a general rule, the cobra is sufficient, but it does not allow to concentrate a carpet of boilies in a restricted area.
At short distance, prefer the slingshot which will be more accurate.

Priming sling for the carp

Fox priming ladle for priming particles

Cobra launches boilies Prowess

The bait boat is ideal for dispersing all types of bait and seeds and above all, it has the advantage of going to lay your lines where it would be almost impossible to cast!
The precision of line laying and baiting with a bait boat is incomparable today thanks to the onboard geolocation.

Starter boat Anatec Catamaran DL OAK + DEVO7

Primer, boilies and line in the tank of a bait boat

A bait boat to a spot in Carp

The boat or the inflatable boat remains the ideal boat for large lakes or rivers, you can do almost anything you want with it and above all, you can go and probe the bottom, bait and also go and fight the fish if the bottom is cluttered with stumps or traps for the lines. But the use of the boat or the zodiac is not authorized in all bodies of water and it is also expensive and cumbersome to transport.
Safe and compulsory! Don't forget.
Don't neglect the life jacket when you take the boat, it's not very aesthetic but it's useless to make the headlines for a tragic fishing session!

Inflatable boat loaded with carp fishing equipment

Inflatable boat Charles Oversea 3.3cc ideal for fishing and for carp

Mandatory lifejacket in boat

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