The different baits for carp fishing

The different baits for carp fishing

Boilies for carp fishing

carp boilies

floating boilies for carp

Batch of boilies for carp

A boilie is a type of bait used for carp fishing. It has the shape of a log which can have different diameters, colours and above all different tastes.
Ready-to-use boilies can be found in specialized shops:
- Fruity (strawberry, pineapple, banana flavour, etc.)
- Meat (taste blood, meat, liver, etc.)
- Scopex (chocolate, vanilla, caramel, white chocolate flavour, etc.)
- Fish (monster crab, redfish, caviar, crayfish, etc...)

You can also find ready-to-use nature mixes in specialist shops that you can personalise according to your wishes, but it is also possible to prepare them yourself.
There are also floating boilies more commonly called "pop-ups" which have the same characteristics as normal boilies except that they float in the water. The carp, curious by nature, is attracted by this type of boilie which will be more visible above the bottom.

Sweet corn for fishing carp

But soft hair for carp fishing

But sweet nature to the hair to fish for carp

But sweet sweet to the hair to fish for carp

This type of corn has the advantage that it can be found in all shops in cans or jars, but he doesn't hold on to the hair very well with hard throws.
Preparation: No cooking. It can be coloured by soaking and the addition of sugar is not necessary but it is possible to flavour it.
It is preferable to buy corn with quality brands because the kernels are larger and firmer than the lower grades.

Hard-boiled corn for carp:

Corn cobs for carp

Hard-boiled corn for carp

Cooked corn for carp fishing

The advantage is its hold on the hair, on the other hand its preparation is quite long.
Preparation: soaking for 24 hours then cooking for 1h30 or soaking for a minimum of 48 hours in the latter case cooking is optional but recommended for 30 to 40 minutes.
Personally, I use the first solution. Of course the flavouring and colouring of the corn is possible at the end of the preparation.
It is even advisable to add sugar (150gr/200gr per kilo) or sweetener (or cane sugar syrup). which is used to prepare the boilies (about 4 to 5 ml per kilo of corn). Leave the seeds to cool in the cooking juices and store them in a bucket. airtight in a cool place.

Lupin seed for carp:

Raw Lupin seeds for carp fishing

Lupin seeds cooked for carp fishing

Soak in water for 72 hours (with 250gr of sugar per kilo to reduce bitterness) and cook for 20 minutes for drying and 1 hour for priming.
Always keep your cooked seeds in a cool place, especially in hot weather.

The tiger nut for the carp:

Dried tiger nuts for carp fishing

Tempered tiger nuts for carp fishing

Tiger nut mounting for carp fishing

This seed has for advantage to please exclusively the carps, even if on certain place of fishing the curiosity of the breams sows the disorder.
Preparation 10 days before the fishing session:
Soak for 48 to 72 hours in a closed bucket with 200 grams of sugar per kilo of seeds and 2 times the volume in water.
Next, cook the entire contents, bring to a boil and reduce the heat, simmering for 45 to 60 minutes after boiling.
At the end of cooking, turn off the heat and stir every 1/2 hour until the juice has cooled completely.
Storage in hermetically sealed buckets is very long, about 1 to 2 months in a cool place and will allow the fermentation to alcoholize the juice and make it sticky.
Before your session put your tiger-nuts in the sun, which will make your juice even more alcoholic.

The bean for the carp:

Fresh beans for carp fishing

Dried beans for carp fishing

The big bean is very appreciated by the big carps, an addiction initiation is recommended.
Like many other seeds a little special, it is very little used by the carpanglers and that is a pity it is very interesting for the carp by its important size.
It makes it possible to stand out in areas where fishing pressure is high.
The preparation of the beans for carp fishing:
- soak the beans for 48 hours, adding 100 g of sugar per kilo.
- Once swollen, cook them for 30 to 40 minutes.
- Leave to cool in its juice, add 100 g of sugar and leave to ferment for 48 hours in an airtight bucket.

The frolic for fishing carp:

The frolic for fishing carp

The frolic for the carp

Frolic mounting on soluble thread for carp

It deserves special attention because it is little used in general and yet it can make a difference.
It's a bait made of corn and meat, so it's perfect for carp.
It is easy to find, to store, and costs much less than boilies. It is used exactly like a boilie, it dissolves in about 1h30.
You can pass a soluble thread through the hole to make a rosary of 5 to 10 Frolic that you hang on the hook as a starter.
You can also grind Frolic to make boilies, in this case you just have to make a few to put on the lines and prime with the kibbles. It does not require any preparation and above all, keep it dry.

The carp fishing hemp:

The carp fishing hemp

Carp bait and seeds for carp

Cooked screwdriver ready to be frozen

It is necessary to know that all the white fishes love the hemp, it is necessary to find the right compromise not to "force-feed" the carps but also not to be wiped by the small white fishes.
Soak in water for 24 hours then cook for 45 minutes (the seeds must start to germinate).
Bait 2 kilos as a carpet around your esche, it seems to me a good compromise, in addition it is the quantity that I prepare after cooking, packages of 2kg that I put in the freezer, so you always have the same amount to distribute.

carp fishing pellets:

carp fishing pellets

Pellet assembly for carp fishing

Hair-mounted pellet ring

Carp pellets are small granules used to attract carp thanks to the odours released during the baiting phase.
Fishing pellets are therefore a type of carp bait complementary to boilies due to their composition.
Throwing similar products to the fish helps to keep a harmony in the mix which is beneficial for attracting carp.
In the majority of cases, carp fishing pellets are made from animal meal, although some brands offer vegetable-based pellets.
Their advantage is that they diffuse rapidly in the water regardless of the type of water point and temperature. Moreover, carp pellets are a formidable weapon against distrustful and accustomed fish.
Don't forget the hair-mounted pellet ring, it's a good way to present them in a rather big size I use 16 mm as far as I'm concerned.

The baked potato for the carp:

Raw potatoes for carp fishing

The baked potato for the carp

Cooked potato cubes for carp

The potato which was the king bait for carp fishing has brutally disappeared from our bait since the discovery of the hair mount and the boilie, but it remains formidable if we take care not to overcook it and especially to think of using it as an alternative.
The main concern remains the cooking, which is delicate depending on the diameter of the potatoes and the quantity to be cooked.
Choose firm-fleshed potatoes: Charlotte, Roseval, Amandine, Belle de Fontenay.
Add 10g of sugar per litre of water to the boil and cook for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the potatoes (here, 3 to 4 cm in diameter).
To check the cooking, prick the potatoes with the tip of a knife which should go in with a little resistance, then cool in cold water.
Cut your potatoes into cubes or round shapes and keep in mind that it has a short shelf life (8 days in the fridge).
You can also cut your potatoes raw into 10 to 20 mm cubes, the cooking will be faster and better controlled (5 to 6 minutes in boiling water).
Try it on a sunny day and you might get some nice surprises!


This fish is magnificent and of an exceptional fight.
It would be a pity that you miss such a feeling, that of having at the end of the line a carp of about 15-20 kg or more. ...

Tonisno record carp in Châlons en Champagne

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