Bait boats

The bait boat is ideal for dispersing all types of bait and seeds and above all, it has the advantage of going to lay your lines where it would be almost impossible to cast!
The precision of line laying and baiting with a bait boat is incomparable today thanks to the geolocation-embedded.
There are several types of bait boats, monohull, catamaran, 1 or 2 ferries, 1 or 2 engines, with or without echo sounder, with or without underwater camera and even today with geolocation!
The prices (year 2020) can go from 100€ to more than 4000€! At this price, they are real technological jewels (Auto-pilot, GPS, Echo-sounder, Underwater camera).

Bait boat Navic Icatcher Boat Pro

Primer boat Navic Icatcher Boat Pro(1000€ to 1400€)

General characteristics:
- GPS and autopilot/21 Recordable points
- 4-channel 5.8Ghz radio control for a very high level of reliability
- Long autonomy of about 2 hours (1h30 at maximum speed)
- Easy handling and transport thanks to its compact dimensions
- 1 Line release/2 Independent opening bins
- 2 independent engines offering exceptional manoeuvrability (turning on the spot)
- Propeller protection grids for navigating in a debris-filled environment
- High speed (approx. 100m/min)/Solid hull/Easy to clean
- Equipped with 3 LED headlights at the front and a row of LEDs at the rear indicating the battery charge level.
Technical specifications:
- Length: 58cm/Width: 38cm/Hight: 26cm
- Weight: Approx. 7kg / Carrying capacity: Approx. 3kg
- Propulsion: 2 independent electric motors
- Battery: Lithium/Autonomy: Approx. 2 hours/Range approx. 500m
Bait boat Anatec Maxboat Ivy+

Starter boat Anatec Maxboat Ivy+(1300€)

General characteristics:
The Maxboat is a catamaran-type starter boat, its typical shape ensures perfect flotation and stability.
Located on each side of the hull, two ventilated engines give the necessary power to sail at more than 7 km/h at full load (2 meters/second).
Capable of carrying up to 5 kg of bait (2.5 kg per box), the max boat allows a large quantity of bait to be deposited in a single trip.
Technical specifications:
- Length : 70cm / Width :46cm / Height :33 cm
- Weight: 10kg / Carrying capacity: Approx. 5kg.
- Color: IVY camouflage.
- Max speed: Approx. 2m / second.
- Autonomy: about 90 minutes.
- Loading capacity: about 5kg (2.5kg per tray).
- Indicator LEDs: a ramp of 6 high visibility LEDs at the front and 2 red LEDs at the rear.
- Hatch with independent openings.
- Line release system on the rear part.
Bait boat Anatec monocoque S Camo Wood équipé Devo 7

Bait boat Anatec monocoque S Camo Wood équipé Devo 7(900€)

General characteristics:
The anatec monohull primer boat is powered by a propeller motor powered by a 6V 12 Ah lead battery.
The autonomy of use of the boat is about 90 mn and its maximum speed is 1.3 m / second.
The steering is provided by a rudder mechanism located in the aft position.
The priming tank has a capacity of 1 kilo. This tank allows the transport of the primers as well as the line.
To make it easier to spot the boat on the water at night or in dark weather, the boat is equipped with 4 ultra-powerful light diodes (2 white at the front and 2 red at the back).

Technical specifications:
- Length: 75cm / Width: 35cm / Height: 36cm
- Weight: 6 Kg (including batteries)
- Color: camouflage wood camo
- Maximum speed: 1.3m / second
- Autonomy: about 90 minutes
- Loading capacity: approx. 1 kg
- Locating diodes: 2 at the front and 2 at the back.
Bait boat Le Furtif Fastboat

Bait boat Le Furtif Fastboat(580€)

General characteristics:
This compact bait boat is designed for carp fishing. It will accompany you during all your trips on the water.
Ideal for fishing close to obstacles or at great distance.
Equipped with a central trap door with a capacity of 1.5kg, it allows precision baiting day and night, thanks to its powerful LED lighting.
It can be fitted with an optional echo sounder.

Technical specifications:
- Length: 70cm / Width: 42cm / Height: 27cm
- Loading capacity: approx. 1.5 kg.
- 6-channel radio control
- Propulsion battery 12V/7.6a.h
- Light battery 12V/1.3a.h
Bait boat Anatec Cata DL Oak Lith/Brush + autopilote

Bait boat Anatec Cata DL Oak Lith/Brush + autopilote(3600€)

General characteristics:
The Catamaran DL, the first model developed by the Anatec brand, is the ultimate baiting boat.
This boat can be piloted by itself thanks to its autopilot system.
The central hatch of this Anatec bait boat has a capacity of 5kg and can perform very large baitings in a single trip.
The autopilot system will transmit the data to your phone or tablet, starting point and release point.
Simply select your spot and your boat will bring your rig to the spot by itself and ensure that the baits and your rig are precisely placed in the same place.

Technical specifications:
- Length: 85cm / Width: 50cm / Height: 25cm.
- Loading capacity: approx. 5 kg (2 x 2.5 kg).
- 6 white front LEDs / 2 red rear LEDs.
- 2 Brushless motors / Lithium battery.
- Autopilot Anatec / Remote control DE-SR07.
Bait boat RT4 Raymarine+GPS autopilot SET

Bait boat RT4 Raymarine+GPS autopilot SET(3598€)

General characteristics:
Boat RT4 Raymarine autopilot combi 3D HD cartography.
Only available in France at
This system is currently the most advanced to date.
Including the V3 GPS autopilot + the RAYMARINE CHIRP sounder DownVision™ for an impressive rendering.
With samsung tablet included ready to use.

Technical specifications:

- Powered by two reinforced 28mm motors - High performance brushed motor or optional brushless motor.
- 2 batteries 8,7ah for the primer boat.
- LED spotlight ignition via radio control 26 Leds.
- Trapdoors on bearings with a very large capacity (2.5kg per hatch = 5kg).
- 2 independent line spreaders.
- 1 transport bag.
- Tripod and batteries for the whole wireless system.
- 1 intelligent lithium charger mains and 12V.
- 36 months warranty - Boat ready to use.

Articles updated on: 10/09/2021

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