wax stamp of the carpenter's charter

The Carpist's charter of good conduct

To be a good Carp Fisher's is also and above all to respect:

- When I leave my post, I must leave it at least as attractive as when I arrived, I take care to clean it and collect all the rubbish in a garbage bag that I will take with me to put it in a container.
- My biwy type shelter, where it is allowed, will have to be of reduced size approximately (10 m²) and of neutral colour (green, brown or camouflaged). Any other form of camping is strictly forbidden.
- My camp must be discreet, respectful of the fauna and flora and allow me to blend in with the landscape (I only allow myself to do some light brushing in case of extreme necessity).
- To satisfy one's natural needs, to have a small shovel that will serve to remove them both from the sight and smell of my fellow human beings, while respecting the flora and fauna.
- To avoid any risk of fire, I am forbidden to light a fire on the ground, only a standing barbecue is allowed.
- Since I'm a smoker, I've provided a metal box with a lid to put the ashes and cigarette butts in so that they don't get thrown on the ground.

The Fish and its environment
- I always fish in "No-Kill".
- I make a reasonable bait and I use rigs adapted to my fishing area, which will preserve the health of the fish in case of breakage.
- I respect the distances and the fishing areas in relation to the fishermen already present on the premises or who would come to settle there.
- The carp which I fish will be the object of all my attention, aiming at releasing it in the best possible conditions.
- I make sure that my baits and groundbaits are fresh and of good quality so as not to risk contaminating the fish fauna.
- I will systematically put the fish on an appropriate landing mat where the hook will be carefully unhooked and the use of the conservation bag will remain occasional and of course under no circumstances will I store several fish in the same bag.
- The photos will be taken crouched above the landing mat, taking care to moisten the carp regularly.
- Before definitively releasing the carp, I will apply a healing if necessary and I will make sure of its good oxygenation.
- The carp will be carefully released at the place of capture.
- The "incidental" capture of any other species of fish (except pests) is subject to the same provisions.

My environment
- I must commit myself to do my utmost to make my presence irreproachable because I am aware that at the water's edge, my freedom stops where other people's freedom begins.
- The position I am currently occupying obliges me to be discreet to ensure the peace of mind of others.
- Noise being a nuisance, I appreciate and prefer the harmonious singing of birds to the howling of a radio or moonlight to the brightness of my headlamp.
- Whenever I check my lines, I take care to turn off my sensors before any manipulations.
- If I want to be entitled to demand respect for my fishery and my person, I strive to maintain a friendly behaviour with other shoreline users, whoever they may be. My visitors will thus leave me with a good image of my leisure activities.
- If need be, I drown my lines so as not to disturb any boats of walkers or fishermen, who share the same passion for water as I do.
- If I use a marker on the fished posts, I must retrieve them when I leave.
- I understand that a fisherman can hang one of my lines that I have stretched across a fishing area that is also his, I know that he did not do it on purpose because of my distance. It is also for this reason that I avoid emptying my reels and putting down mounts as far as the eye can see.
- If in spite of everything such an incident occurs I keep smiling because after all I am fishing, on holiday and therefore in a good mood.
- It is convivial to receive friends on his post around a barbecue while respecting the tranquillity of the other fishermen.
- It is fishing and nature that intoxicates me, not alcohol and illegal products.
- And finally, I make sure that I present valid fishing licences to the competent authorities, having first consulted the regulations of the place I am fishing.

The aquatic environment is fragile and I participate in its protection and I do not hesitate to report any malevolence that could harm it.

By applying this charter, I am protecting nature and the fishing that I practise.


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