Tips and tricks for enduro carp fishing

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You will have noticed in general that during the carp enduros, you are not alone and that the number of anglers can influence your fishing results.
You are here to catch carp and not to show off in your ring!
So you'll have to get to work straight away, scout your fishing area, change your fishing habits, give yourself every chance to get fish out, even where you think there are none.
I offer you ideas and advice to try and make your carp enduros a success.
By implementing these tips, you will have every chance of making a difference to the other competitors.

Space your mounts throughout your fishing area.

Feel free to take advantage of the fishing space that the draw has allocated to you, i.e. from the edge to the limit of distance in both length and width that you can fish.
If your team can have 6 rods, plan a station of 2 rods at long distance, 2 at medium distance, 1 at the edge and 1 away from the baits.
Depending on the frequency of starts, you will be able to change your fishing tactics and thus improve your catch.
Remember that this is not an individual competition, but as a team you must work together and adapt your fishing strategies.

Fish the edges and blind spots.

Don't put aside the banks near you or the tails of ponds and corners that seem uninteresting, you would be surprised.
It is up to you to look for the carp and not to wait for them to come to you because the bonnet is not possible in enduro carp.
Fishing in enduro carp is not improvised, it must be mastered with your knowledge, your will and your patience.
The winners in enduro carp are not supermen, they are certainly lucky to have stumbled on a good spot, but you too can make the most of what your fishing area offers.
Trying, testing and approving is always the key to success when carp fishing.

Place one of your rods outside the bait.

Placing one of your rods outside the baiting area puts one more chance on your side to try and convince a wary carp to be seduced by your lone bait.
When you're fishing at night and you've got starts, who's to say that your casts are sure to have fallen into your baited area?

Choose rigid mounts.

Rigid rigs have proven their efficiency for carp fishing. They avoid tangles when casting and also when the leaders settle on the bottom of the water.
The stiffness of the leader and the hair ensures that the hook remains well presented and does not turn over when the carp's mouth pushes it back.
This way the hook is much more likely to bite into the carp's mouth or lips.
Personally, I use amnesia as a leader and hair almost every time I fish. My starts have increased without stalls since using rigid rigs.

The choice of sinkers for carp.

The choice of sinkers is important in fishing strategies, whether you are fishing from the shore or at long distance, you will have to adapt their weight to the power of the rods you have.
The average weight of the weights used for fishing ranges from 60 grs to 130 grs in sliding or fixed.
The good method being to use the maximum of the self-tightening, I advise you to fish only with heavy weights (minimum 110 grs and more).
By doing this, you will limit the risks of unhooking because the hook will penetrate much more into the flesh as soon as the fish runs away.

Fish with sharpened hooks.

You may have good rods, reels, lines, leaders and knots and your hooks may not be perfect, but don't be surprised if you don't get any starts, or at worst stall every time.
Don't neglect this detail which is important for the result of your catch. A hook should bite at the slightest movement in the carp's mouth so that it anchors itself, even without a barb.
Always check your hooks for sharpness and change them at the slightest suspicion.
Remember that a well pricked fish is a fish that is almost in the net!

Inspect your knots and lines carefully

There is no room for chance in enduro carp, so retie your knots after each catch and check your leaders and line bodies for damage.
Indeed, micro-scratches or pinches can appear and if you do nothing, they will lead you to a probable break before long.
Absolutely avoid burning the end of your knots with a lighter as the heat (800° at 5 mm from the flame) will definitely weaken the nylon knot and it will lose all its strength!
You must not and you cannot lose fish in enduro carp, be careful.

Check and restart the lines periodically.

Once the lines are cast, we often tend not to touch them again until the evening, when we prepare for the night.
It is a mistake to do this, it is better to periodically check if our lines are operational and if we are not fishing in a vacuum.
It may be that the boilie has burst on casting or an unwanted person has got hold of it at the bottom of the water without asking you and in these cases you can always wait to get a start!
Some will say that carp will flee the fishing area, but rest assured the carp is a curious fish and it is not uncommon to get a start immediately after dropping your leader to the bottom of the water.
You can use all the assumptions you want, the main thing is to fish with a working rig.
Don't forget that your baits are regularly visited by carp and that each visit must absolutely give rise to a start, so put all the chances on your side!

What do we do about the bait?

At the risk of creating controversy, I think we should fish with baits that unwind as this is not the time to be testing!
Take a look at our pets (dogs, cats, rabbits...), they are satisfied with the food we give them soon as we offer them "treats", it's euphoria, they throw themselves on it like kids throwing themselves on sweets.
So why shouldn't the carp do the same!... offer them "treats", by that I mean over-boosted boilies, boilies that have proved their worth and not those that make you catch 1 or 2 fish every 15th of the month because here, you only have 2, 3 or 4 days to make a maximum of fish!
I will not advertise here, it is up to you to discover them by going on the net, because there are really recipes of boilies made for carps.

Summary of what a carp enduro is

A carp enduro is above all a gathering of fishing enthusiasts who share their passion in a friendly manner with a carp fishing spirit.
It is also a competition which rewards the carp anglers who will know with their experience of carp fishing how to distinguish themselves from the other competitors by making beautiful and numerous catches.
Even as a simple spectator, the carp enduros are often a moment of sharing where conviviality takes precedence over competition, so even if it was not possible for you to register for this carp enduro, come and encourage them.

ToniSno: "Knowing how to fish for carp doesn't mean you can't make a few mistakes."

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