F.A.Q.: questions and answers on the carp fishery

F.A.Q.: questions and answers on the carp fishery

* Do you have a secret to be able to catch a lot of carp?

Alas, there is no secret to be able to catch carps, but only a multitude of processes to adopt at the right time, at the right place, with a good weather, a good season, etc...
You may have the latest equipment, the best boilies, the most beautiful body of water and the most radiant weather, but you may not catch any fish. if you haven't located them before!
The carp is not fished by chance, it is absolutely necessary to know its itineraries and once again to bet everything on the mounting which must be irreproachable and then there will be no reason not to make fish if you meet all these conditions.
Oh, I forgot, you also have to be at the water's edge most of the time if you want to catch fish!
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* Why doesn't the carp that sucks up the mount prick itself every time?

As you know, your bait is often visited, sucked up and spit out without the hook sticking in the mouth.
This remains a great mystery, but I am certain that the problem will be solved in the future with the discovery of an unstoppable montage.
For the moment, but without being able to prove it, I catch more fish by having adopted a certain stiffness in my socks as well as hair which are made with Amnesia (a rigid monofilament with no memory used as a head of line in general).
I think that this stiffness prevents the mount from turning over in the mouth of the carp under the effect of the blower. caused by the backwash of water at the time of ejection and thus, the hook will always be in the pricking position.
This is really an avenue to explore to keep the rigging efficient because if the rig is too flexible and it flips over, the hook is no longer able to bite effectively.
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* Can the same boilies be used for baiting and fishing?

It is quite possible to make regular catches in not too fished places by using the same boilies for baiting as for eschage.
But it is much more frequent to use boilies of the same flavour and colour but different sizes: 16 or 18 mm for priming, 22 or 24 mm for mounting.
To make them more attractive, it is advisable, before use, to soak them for several days in a soaking oil of the same fragrance.
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* Can the size of a boilie influence the weight of the catch?

A small carp or another cyprinid such as bream or chub will generally not be able to absorb very large boilies of 24 to 30 mm.
On the other hand, it is quite possible and even frequent to catch very big carps over 20 kilos with very small boilies, 14 or 16 mm. So, if the fished area is rich in carp and white fishes, by using the boilies of big diameter, you will be able to select your catches.
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* Can you keep your boilies for a long time?

Those on the market most often contain a preservative allowing them to keep all their attractive power from 6 months to 1 year.
If you make them yourself, after a perfect drying in a dry place, in the open air, no problem of conservation for several weeks.
If, on the other hand, you wish to keep them longer, do not hesitate to freeze them, after drying, in airtight bags after having taken the precaution to indicate inside the bag the date of manufacture as well as all the details of their composition.
As a general rule, in hot weather, it is advisable to keep all your baits cool to avoid oxidation and rancidity of the bait.
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* Boilies, do they have to be sweet?

No, they can also be salty, spicy or bitter.
The fans of the artisanal manufacture of boilies are convinced that to fight against the education of overfished carps, it is obligatory to offer them new and original combinations of flavours.
But beware, overdosed boilies can become repellent! It is therefore prudent to test small quantities of boilies.
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*Why is it that all the boilies on the market are of the same colour as the proposed flavour: strawberry-red, banana-yellow, chocolate-brown?

This is only intended by the manufacturers to differentiate the products on sale because the carp does not know any of these colours or flavours.
Personalise your boilies, be creative, dare the associations of colours and aromas which will attract the curiosity of the carps.
Same for the boilies shapes, they can be round, square or oval.
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* What is the best hook size for fishing carp with boilies?

These hook sizes are for information purposes only and it is important to keep in mind that the most important thing is that your hooks are impeccably prickly!
Boilies from 10 to 15 mm N°6 to N°8
Boilers from 15 to 18 mm N°4 to N°6
Boilies from 20 to 22 mm N°2 to N°4
Boilies of 24 mm and more N°1 to N°2
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* What are the baiting methods used to catch carp?

Carp fishing equipment for baiting:
- The cobra that can propel boilies over 100 meters. There are several diameters which must correspond to that of your boilies. Diameters are expressed in millimetres (12mm, 15mm, 20mm 25mm or 30mm).
- The slingshot that helps you to bait in small quantities precisely around your lines over short distances (between 30m and 70m). It allows the tangerine-sized primer balls to be thrown with precision.
- The seed shovel, which makes it possible to cast large quantities of particle baits (seeds, corn, beans, etc.) from a short distance.
- The bait boat, which is used to deposit your bait very precisely on your fishing area. It is also used to deposit your lines on spots that are difficult to access (long distances, near the banks or under trees).
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* How to interpret the carp jumps?

The jumps are interpreted as signs of well-being: the oxygenation of the water is good, the food is abundant in the area, everything is fine, they show it.
A fish that jumps is a feeding fish, it's a biting fish, but not necessarily on our bait. Some fishermen are frustrated because carps jump but are not caught, it is often the case on heavy baiting with seeds and boilies.
Anyway we always have to fish where the carps jump, we are sure that they are there... we just have to be patient.
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* How much food can a carp eat?

A carp can ingest up to one fifth of its weight. A river carp which enters on a blow does not come to thread pearls, it swallows everything: corn, boilies and even the earth of the balls, it is for this reason that carps are less difficult to catch.
For a wary carp it's different, the carp will test a bait then move back a few meters before coming back to take a second one if the bait is to its taste.
That's why sometimes we have a few beeps on a line and the start occurs much later, when the attraction for the boilie outweighs the mistrust it arouses.
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* Does the carp have a stomach?

The carp does not have a stomach but only an intestine, which is why the digestion process is imperfect.
Carp must ingest large amounts of food to obtain the nutrients necessary for survival and growth.
Growing fish are fish that without moving around can find large amounts of rich food, so they expend little energy and enjoy a lot.
Some large lake specimens get caught in the same area. They settle on a natural food source, do not move away from it and grow rapidly.
On the contrary the carps which have to travel km to find their food rarely become big, but they are generally powerful (rivers, streams).
Some elements are not digested and come out intact, such as anodont shells, crayfish shells, the skin of maize, or even tiger nuts, which are only partially digested.
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* Why do carpanglers participate in enduros carp?

An enduro carp is above all a gathering of fishing enthusiasts who share their passion with a carpist spirit in a friendly atmosphere.
It is also a meeting which rewards the carpanglers who will know with their experiences of carp fishing how to distinguish themselves from the other competitors by making beautiful and numerous catches.
Before and after the competition, during the reconnaissance of the sites, the drawing of the posts, the prize-giving ceremony or the closing meal, the enduro allows exchanges between anglers on techniques, fishing sites, etc...
Even as a simple spectator the Carpe enduros are often a moment of sharing where conviviality prevails over competition and the memories of these gatherings will come back during future sessions.
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