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My site deals mainly with my passion for carp fishing.
You will find there all the basic techniques to begin this fishing.
The sections are numerous with photos, equipment, recipes of boilies, photo albums....

This site is made for you

Beginner or confirmed, consult or share your passion for carp fishing.
Fishing information, carp pictures, stories of your sessions...
Any suggestions and ideas from you will be welcome. (Comments).
See you soon and good fishing!

Updating the site

Times change and so do communication techniques, so the site is continually being updated.
Modifications in progress: Tips and tricks for carp enduros, bait recipes, boilie making and recipes, general menu redesign...

Carpe-passion 51 ou comment pêcher la carpe Carpe record, une obsession ou un rêve? La carpe, une passion hors du commun! Dès l'aube, le soleil et la carpe se réveille.. Carpe de nuit, une pêche pas comme les autres! Carpe record, l'aboutissement d'une passion La carpe, Evolution de sa pêche! Carpe-passion 51 ou comment pêcher la carpe

The carp, a dream or an obsession?

Fishing for carp means entering a world of silence full of sensations.
The slightest lapping of the water alerts all your senses and your adrenaline.
Imagine your reaction as a carp angler when one of your detectors announces a departure!.

A dream come true

A dream come true at night

At this moment, here I am plunged in another dimension and if like me fishing seems magic to you, it's because only these moments give me what is dearest to me: the departure on one of my rods, the fight and the meeting with the mysterious Carp who will make of me a fulfilled Carpist....

fishing records

Records are broken

A dream which becomes reality when we realize that the carp which is at the end of the line does not defend itself like the others.
A fight that will determine the winner once the battle is over...either you or the record carp.

Catfish fishing

Catfish love boilies

The attack is always precise, like a surgical strike and can very well go unnoticed in the first few seconds. Once stung, the sheatfish will leave in force, whatever its size.
Well done, Nicolas!.

quiver carp

Quiver fishing(by Nicolas)

You may never have heard the word quiver, this technique is also known as lead fishing or bait or feeder fishing, well discover this technique today. Sensations guaranteed!

Making boilies for carp fishing

Making boilies

Making your own boilies has many advantages. You have the possibility to influence their nutritional value and especially to personalize your boilies (colours, tastes, shapes) and also to reduce your expenses.

Tips and tricks for carp enduros

Tips for carp enduros

I offer you some ideas and tips to try and make a success of your carp enduros, by applying these tips, you will have every chance of making the difference with the other competitors.

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