Map of France of Lakes and Ponds to fish for carp and other freshwater fish.

France is covered by more than 25,000 bodies of water, some of which are large lakes.
There's 1606 fishing grounds listed in our database

Select the department from the drop-down list or click on the map.

Ain(01) Aisne(02) Allier(03) Alpes-de-Haute-Provence(04) Hautes-Alpes(05) Alpes-Maritimes(06) Ardèche(07) Ardennes(08) Ariège(09) Aube(10) Aude(11) Aveyron(12) Bouches-du-Rhône(13) Calvados(14) Cantal(15) Charente(16) Charente-Maritime(17) Cher(18) Corrèze(19) Corse-du-Sud(2A) Haute-Corse(2B) Côte-d'Or(21) Côtes-d'Armor(22) Creuse(23) Dordogne(24) Doubs(25) Drôme(26) Eure(27) Eure-et-Loir(28) Finistère(29) Gard(30) Haute-Garonne(31) Haute-Garonne(31) Gers(32) Gironde(33) Hérault(34) Ille-et-Vilaine(35) Indre(36) Indre-et-Loire(37) Isère(38) Isère(38) Jura(39) Landes(40) Loir-et-Cher(41) Loir-et-Cher(41) Loire(42) Haute-Loire(43) Loire-Atlantique(44) Loiret(45) Lot(46) Lot-et-Garonne(47) Lozère(48) Maine-et-Loire(49) Manche(50) Marne(51) Haute-Marne(52) Mayenne(53) Meurthe-et-Moselle(54) Meuse(55) Morbihan(56) Moselle(57) Nièvre(58) Nord(59) Oise(60) Orne(61) Pas-de-Calais(62) Puy-de-Dôme(63) Pyrénées-Atlantiques(64) Hautes-Pyrénées(65) Pyrénées-Orientales(66) Bas-Rhin(67) Haut-Rhin(68) Rhône(69) Haute-Saône(70) Saône-et-Loire(71) Sarthe(72) Savoie(73) Haute-Savoie(74) Ville de Paris(75) Seine-Maritime(76) Seine-et-Marne(77) Yvelines(78) Deux-Sèvres(79) Deux-Sèvres(79) Somme(80) Tarn(81) Tarn-et-Garonne(82) Var(83) Vaucluse(84) Vendée(85) Vienne(86) Haute-Vienne(87) Vosges(88) Yonne(89) Territoire de Belfort(90) Essonne(91) Hauts-de-Seine(92) Seine-Saint-Denis(93) Val-de-Marne(94) Val-d'Oise(95)

Click on a department on the map or in the menu which also shows you the location of the department on the map.
You will get the list of names and fishing places for the requested department as well as the town and its postal code.
To give you an idea of the fishing location, I'm setting up a Google Map button that will open on the same page a map for each fishing site.
If the fishing place has a website, a button will be available to give you more information.

Alone, with friends or family, discover these fishing places in France rich in landscapes, fauna and flora to satisfy your passion.
Here, it is not a question of looking for the record carp, but simply to fish carp in bodies of water which will change your daily life and maybe your vision of carp fishing.
The information shown comes from Google, Google Map, Wikipedia and Fishing Federations (AAPMA) and it is possible that places or names of bodies of water may be distorted or misrepresented on Google Map.

Karte der Wasserkörper in Frankreich, aktualisiert am 17/09/2021 für die Departements 01 bis 95

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