The carpist's camp

Carp camp during a carp enduro

The main carp shelter
The bivy is essential if you don't want to sleep under the stars, there are many models on the market.
It is best to choose a very spacious one to store your luggage and bedding.
My choice was immediately for a two-seater and I don't regret it, believe me.
It's even better if it has windows with mosquito nets to ventilate and create air circulation in hot weather.
The frames should be strong and the bivy should be fixed to the ground and the ropes tight to avoid any accidents that might occur if a storm is forecast.

Mack2 biwy tent for carp

Biwy Avid Carp Base Camper XXL

Bivy Starbait carpe

The secondary shelter which is optional
A good green, grey or camou arbour will not be too much to shelter you from the sun and the rain and so you will be able to install your "kitchen" corner.
For a better comfort of the session, a folding table and chairs will allow you to take your meals at ease under the arbour sheltered from the sun or the rain.
A first aid kit and drinking water are essential for long sessions.
If you are fishing alone, don't forget to let your friends and family know exactly where you are with your mobile phone (anything can happen without expecting it, alas).

Comfort should not be left out of the equation, as a long session could become an ordeal if you have neglected this detail.
A baiting, weighing, fish receiving and photographing area should be provided so that your camp does not look like a mess.
If you are a barbecue enthusiast, remember, standing only and make sure you secure the area around and under it (dry grass, brush) with a bucket of water in case of a fire.
Put your rubbish in a bin bag and keep it away from your camp (rodents are never far away and so are the smells).

Carp shelter for the kitchen area

Green carp fishing arbour

Example of an arrangement to fish for carp at night

The carpist's comfort
- The Bedchair and the Level chair for long relaxes while waiting for the sound of the detectors.
- The cosy and warm sleeping area in the biwy when the cold weather gets to you at night and especially in the early morning.
- The shower and its water pump will be very useful when swimming is forbidden and there are no public showers.
- For our daily needs, a portable chemical toilet under an arbour will be the ultimate in comfort during long fishing sessions.

Bed chair and Level Chair for the carpist's comfort

Bedchair for the carp camp

Carp camp with pump shower

The carpist's storage furniture
If you are like me, meticulous, fishing is like at home: a place for everything, everything in its place!
When everything is tidy, it's easier to find your way around, so having storage for food, cooking gear or small fishing tackle is necessary for long fishing sessions.
And to store and keep our food cool, there's nothing like a camping fridge, but not just any fridge: The tri-mixed fridge is undoubtedly the best type of fridge for camper vans and carp vans.
It owes its name to its power supply based on 3 types of energy: gas, 12 V and 220 V. Indispensable for long sessions, it will bring you freshness for your drinks and food safety for your cooked dishes.

FOX Sessions storage table

FOX Sessions storage cabinet

Portable absorption cooler DOMETIC RC2200 EGP 40L

The carpist's kitchen kit
If you prefer to eat ordered sandwiches or pizzas or eat straight from the tin, the rest of this article is not for you.
So why not cook up some good food for lunch and dinner or fire up the barbecue and give yourself the illusion of being on holiday, believe me, carp fishing is a real pleasure and so is eating.
So a chopping board, a knife, some onions and meat, an assortment of cutlery and pans, a good, steady, fire-breathing pro gas stove, a stand-up barbecue worthy of its name and you'll smell the smells and maybe the carp will decide to come to the table at the same time as you!

Kitchen equipment for the carp camp

Double gas stove for the carp camp

Standing barbecue for the carp camp

Energy for your equipment
If you spend your fishing session in a place where you have access to electricity (camping, private with lodging..), it is so much better for you.
Indeed, nowadays we also use our multimedia devices (computers, laptops, cameras..) to share our adventures on social networks.
And we need energy to run this equipment without forgetting our lighting equipment and so on...
Luckily for us, there are portable battery chargers and solar batteries to help with our power needs.
You can connect USB plugs (telephones), cigarette lighter plugs (12V) or 230V plugs (computers, LEDs, small household appliances) depending on the model chosen, the power generated and its price.
An investment that can go from 150€ to more than 1300€ with solar panels.

Poweradd Solar External Battery 12000mAh

Powertraveller Extreme solar panel + battery

42 Ah mobile battery + 20 W solar panel

Luggage for the carpist
Carp fishing requires equipment (rods, reels, baits, fixtures...) and in long sessions, you will need additional equipment to last (kitchen utensils, food, clothes...).
The use of an adapted luggage will allow you to organise your fishing sessions in the best possible way by having everything you need at hand.
To transport your small equipment safely and protect it effectively, prefer several storage bags rather than putting everything in the same one because all carp anglers need to be organised.
There are a multitude of storage bags and kits on the market that I cannot introduce to you here.

Carp Spirit Multi Carryall Bag

Carryall and scabbard bags 13 feet carp

Carp carryall bag mack2 logistik rig table

At the end of the session, take your rubbish with you.

Articles updated on: 22/11/2021

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