Fishing for carp at Châlons in Champagne

Le grand Jard, the arm of the Canal

Arm of the Canal du Jard in Châlons en Champagne

An arm of the canal in Châlons en Champagne where the carps are present and of good size (averages:12 to 25 kg).
Fish especially the edge of the island at about 2 meters maximum from the shore.
Be careful with the departures, because the carps have the annoying habit to go to nest. in the many submerged stumps and branches.
As soon as the weather is nice, you become the attraction of the walkers who, when faced with the deployment of your equipment, do not hesitate to to come and keep you company and it's not unpleasant to be able to share his passion.

Canale di Jard in Châlons en Champagne

Beautiful Carp in the Grand Jard de Châlons in Champagne

Map of the Jard à Châlons in Champagne

In the summer in July and August, fishing is practically impossible with the new port and nautical activities that dominate the park.
Beware, camping and night fishing are forbidden on this part of the canal!

Canal du Jard à Châlons in Champagne

The Saint Hubert ponds

The ponds of St Hubert de Châlons in Champagne

Les Étangs saint Hubert is composed of several bodies of water where the presence of specimens weighing more than 20 kg makes it worthwhile to linger.
There are many productive jobs, especially in the undergrowth.
I am particularly fond of the "coup du soir" but in high season (May, June, August, September), it is not uncommon to play all day long.
Don't hesitate to provoke them in their lairs!
The site Aux Amis Pêcheurs Cheminots St Hubert is private property and traffic is regulated.
All visitors who do not hold a fishing card are obliged to park in the car parks at the entrance.
Night fishing allowed (ask for information). It is imperative to respect the house rules (no wild camping and no fire on the ground!).

Page Facebook Night fishing allowed for members Regulations for carp fishing in the ponds St Hubert de Châlons en Champagne

the undergrowth of St Hubert

ToniSno at the St Hubert ponds with big mama

Plan of the ponds of St Hubert

Plan of the ponds of St Hubert

The Renaudin pond in Fagnières

See the website of La Raquette Châlonnaise

Belonging to the fishing company of Chalons en Champagne "la Raquette Chalonnaise".
Night fishing reserved for members (AAPPMA card + night card).
Presence of very beautiful carp specimens (20+) but also beautiful love carps and combative catfish!
Fishing at night from 5 to 20 meters will give you big surprises!

Night fishing allowed Fishing Regulations for Carp at the Renaudin de Châlons en Champagne Ponds

The Renaudin pond in Fagnières of the Raquette Châlonnaise

A battery of carp at Renaudin Pond

Fishing on the Renaudin lake

For the respect of the fishermen, the posts are numbered and the fishing areas are well delimited.
Lake Renaudin Fishing Stations Plan

Useful local services
The Châlons en Champagne campsite is less than 4 km away: Voir le site
- Shops are not far away, less than 1 km: Bakeries, Tabac-Presse, Groceries and restaurants.
- For vapoteurs, an E-cigarette shop in the city centre that I recommend for the seriousness and quality of the products: J-Well.

J Well Chalons en Champagne is also a wide selection of electronic cigarettes, boxes, boosters, and CBD to stay up to date in terms of vaping, maintain your equipment or simply start on a good basis with quality equipment and controlled.
But above all, it is a team of people who are passionate about vaping who will welcome you in a joyful and good mood to satisfy all your desires in the pleasant setting of their top-of-the-range shops (thanks Emilie).
E-liquids 100 % French, certified of French origin guaranteed by the AFNOR.

An E-cigarette shop in the city centre of Châlons en Champagne: J Well

- The fishing shop "Europêche" located less than 2 km away.

Fishing cards and night fishing supplements are available at:

Europêche Châlons en Champagne store

Europêche, fishing tackle shop
43 chaussée du port 51000 Châlons-en-Champagne
tél: 03 26 66 89 72

Open Monday afternoons from 14h to 18h45 and the rest of the week from 9h to 12h and from 14h to 18h45 (closed on Sundays and public holidays).

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Fishing cards online

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