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How to fish for carp at night

Fishing equipment

It is true that the material of the carpist takes place, but it is necessary if we want to optimize at most a session of carp fishing of several days.
The simplest thing to do is to choose from the start, a good robust equipment that will adapt to your fishing conditions.
My rods are "garbolino WILDIE" 2,5 Lbs (1988): they correspond perfectly to all my fishing situations and it is a pleasure to work the fish with these rods.

zodiac for carp fishing

PM 2600 H reel for carp fishing

Fox Ultron touch sensor for carp

My reels are DAIWA PM 2600 H , I bought them in 1988 and they are still as performant as ever (why change!).
The market today offers reels of very good quality at low cost (70€).
Prefer those with large line capacities (350 m of 35/100ths) and with a recovery lap of more than 1 m with front brake.

My detectors are FOX ULTRON x 5, easy to use and complete in terms of settings. Most of the models on the market allow you to adjust the sound volume as well as the tonality of the sounds, by playing on the bass and treble and offer diodes of different colors (red, blue, yellow, green). Day and night, the beeper prevents you from having to keep your eyes permanently fixed on the button indicator.

Some top-of-the-range models can be connected to a central unit (radio or by wire). The advantage of this system is that you can react immediately to the hit even when you are far away from your sticks (at night or in rainy weather in your bivy for example). The interest is also to be much more discreet at the water's edge, especially at night when the slightest sound is amplified and could disturb the other carpanglers.

Reels for carp rods

Reels are without doubt the most important elements along with rods to acquire for carp fishing and to make your fishing sessions successful with the assurance of having quality equipment.
With a wide range of reels available on the market, it is not easy to make a choice when you are a beginner. To reassure you, I present you 3 of the best reels for carp which will be up to your expectations because of their quality and their robustness.
They have a good nylon capacity (0.34 mm/375 m) and a line recovery at the rewind (Ratio: 4,5:1) which will allow you to fish as well in ponds as in big lakes.
It is obvious that I cannot present here all the best reels that exist and one thing not to be forgotten is the balance of the rod and reel assembly which must be perfect for total fishing pleasure.
The balance of the rod and reel set is important not only for the comfort of fishing but also for the performance of the casts and their accuracy.

Daiwa Tournament Entho 5000 Carp Reel

Carp Reel Shimano Aero Technium MGS 14000 XTC

Fox Eos 12000 Carp Reel

Rods for carp fishing

Before buying rods to fish the carp that you have been praised, it is necessary to know if they will be made for you and I mean by that, will they be adapted to your size or to your morphology?
Indeed, if you are 1,50 m or 1,70 m tall, or if you are a small man or a big man, the choice of your rods will not be the same in terms of power (lbs) or length (feet).
For a carp angler who frequents ponds, gravel pits or canals, rods with a parabolic or semi-parabolic action will be ideal as they will not be looking for long distances and will appreciate all the flexibility of their rods during the fight.
Those who fish lakes will choose rods with a powerful tip action to be able to exploit all their amplitude and capacities (13 feet and 3.5 lbs to 4 lbs).
River anglers will go for powerful, semi-parabolic rods with a good reserve of power (12 feet in 3 lbs or 3.5 lbs) to cope with the strength of the carp swimming in them.

Length, action and power of carp rods

Nowadays, prefer a power of 3 to 3,5 Lbs which corresponds well to the fish we are going to catch and which are around 20/30 Kg on average.
The blank is the composition of your rod and the higher you go, the better the rod.
Sic" rings are recommended as they have exceptional gliding power and if the starting ring is wide, it is the best for long distance casting.

The rod pod as a support for carp rods

The rod-pod makes it possible to gather 3 or 4 rods within a few centimetres of each other. This makes monitoring much easier. The time of intervention, in case of departure, is reduced and especially the strategy and the efficiency of the fishing (different positions of the baits on a single shot) are facilitated.
The majority of rod-pods currently on the market are made of stainless steel, stainless steel or composite and are adjustable in height, length and width. The touch sensors and swingers can be directly adapted to them.
The choice of the rod-pod depends mainly on the fishing conditions in which you practice most often. It is obvious that if you often change fishing location and you fish in rivers as well as lakes, you need a model that is not bulky, but perfectly stable and adaptable to all these terrains.

Rod pod Amiaux for carp

Rod pod Fox for carp

Rod pod for carp fishing

You will also need to take into account the weight of the rods and reels which, once installed, must rest securely and stably on the rod-rod without the risk of it tipping over and falling off at the slightest start.
If you are a lover of fine mechanics, finish and aesthetics are the most important criteria. For frequent travellers, there are also modular models that make it possible to install four rods together or two times two rods. The position of the rods on the brackets depends on the type of water you are fishing in. In still waters, place the tip of the rod close to the water to avoid the wind blowing on the lines. In rivers, a 70 to 80° inclination of the rods in relation to the surface of the water is desirable in order to extract the greatest possible length of nylon from the current.
This position will be ideal in the presence of weed beds or obstacles at the edge of your fishing spot.

Spikes as cane holders

If you don't like to be crowded or if you're into stalking, which means that you'll have to spend a lot of time spotting and observing the fish, simple spikes or buzz bars will do the trick.
Spikes are less cumbersome than a rodpod and can be carried in a simple bag or any bag. They have the advantage of being able to direct your rods in the direction of the casts minimising the risk of your rods coming out of your detectors in the event of a flashy start.
Often you come across hostile terrain and you can't get the spikes in, which is annoying and damages the tendrils.

Single spades and double buzz bar

Carp rods on buzz bar

Carp rods in lake on buzz bar

Swingers or squirrels

The indicators, commonly known as swingers, ensure normal line voltage under all conditions. Their second role is to signal the hits, whether they are discrete shots, free starts or return hits.
Each rod must be equipped with its own indicator which, whatever the model chosen, must be positioned between the reel and the starting ring. The ideal vertical position is halfway up, between the rod and the ground, allowing you to see both up and down.

Swingers Solar for carp fishing

Swingers Fox for carp fishing

Swingers Delkim for carp fishing

Choose indicators of different colours so that you can quickly and reliably identify the cane on which the key has been pressed. When setting up and adjusting the swingers, always check that the wire releases automatically. Position them all at the same height and in the same alignment so that, at a glance and by comparison, you can see any movement or displacement of any of them.
The strength of the current, the wind and the fishing distance may force you to increase the squirrel lead in order to maintain optimal line tension. In any case, always look for the minimum weight in short distance.

Electronic key sensors

The detectors do not replace the indicators, but are a sound and visual complement, especially indispensable for night fishing. The battery-powered electronic device is positioned on the front bracket, instead of the conventional brackets.
Each model has its own specificity, some allow you to adjust the sound volume as well as the tonality of the sounds, by playing on the bass and treble. The settings allow you to immediately identify the cane on which the start was made, the sounds emitted being different from one cane to another. Light signals, for the same reasons, can be of different colours. Any movement of the nylon in the throat of the detector, in one direction or another, is transmitted by flashing more or less quickly depending on the violence of the departure.

Delkim detector for carp fishing

Fox MXR detector for carp fishing

Carp Sounder detector for carp fishing

The best models are connected to a power unit that can be moved away from the rods and placed close to the fisherman, which is interesting at night or in case of bad weather conditions, when the fisherman remains sheltered under the biwi. It's a good idea to have a set of batteries ahead of time to avoid the mishap of a power failure! Day and night, the sound signal prevents you from having your eyes permanently fixed on your rods.

Practical advice

It's a good idea to have a set of batteries in advance to avoid the mishap of a power failure!
Do not hesitate to buy protective covers (flexible or rigid), detectors are expensive, take care of your equipment.

Carp landing nets

The choice of a carp landing net must meet several criteria, each of which is important.
The width between the arms can be from 105 cm to 130 cm. But the wider it is, the more difficult it is to handle, so 115 cm would be the ideal choice.
The carbon shaft and mats are a good choice, certainly more fragile than fibreglass, but especially lighter to handle.
The fork that holds the masts together should be foolproof, I would advise it in stainless steel or aluminium rather than plastic or carbon.
The mesh size of the net is very important, prefer the fine one not to wound the carps and to preserve its mucus. The net should not be too deep and with a flat bottom to avoid injuring the fish during its transport to the landing tank.

Large flat-bottomed carp net

Stainless steel fork for carp landing net

Foam floats for carp landing nets

Carp landing mats

One of the most important pieces of equipment for the well being of carp is the landing mat to safely receive your fish.
The reception mat has evolved a lot nowadays, from the simple foam mat, we can find on the market basins or cradles (cradle).
It is however necessary to take care to humidify the fish permanently especially in case of strong heat, for that do not hesitate to have a bucket filled with water to humidify continuously your fish.
With the "basins", your carp will be able to be received in full safety at the edge of water and this thanks to the edges and its shape of cradle preventing the fish from slipping out.

Landing mat with polystyrene balls

Foam reception cradles

Reception basin with folding hoops

Carp weighing

The mechanical or electronic scale is an essential part of your fishing equipment.
There are several models on the market and it is up to you to choose the one that will allow you to weigh carps exceeding 20 or even 30 kg!
The tripod is practical because it avoids you to have the trembling and the pains in the forearms at the time of the weighing especially if your carp exceeds 25 kg.
The control of the weighing is facilitated and to avoid handling, place directly your carp in a floating bag of weighing which will go directly to water before passing to the stage of the photographs.

Mechanical and electronic carp scales

Tripod and mechanical scale for weighing carp

Tripod and floating weighing bag

For carp baiting

There are a variety of ways to bait, the most commonly used are the slingshot and the spade for short distances and beyond that the cobra or the bait rocket will be needed.
The bait rocket or spomb allows you to bait seeds, pellets, boilies and mixes with a spodder rod (5 lbs) at long distances with precision.
The baiting tripod is a convenient, fast and effective way to bait your fishing spot without having to constantly bend over to fill your spomb or cobra cast your boilies.
Finishes the backache caused by repeated bending over, especially if you have hundreds of boilies and pounds of groundbait to propel.

Slingshot, shovel or cobra to bait carp by hand

Bait rocket or spomb to bait carp at long distance

The baiting tripod is a practical, fast and efficient way to bait your fishing spot

The essentials

It's possible to catch carp without having all the equipment of the perfect carpangler, but if you become addicted to it!
You will need a utility to carry your rods, reels, rod-pod, detectors, squirrel, landing net, storage box (weights, anti-tangle, clip, clip, hooks), bed chair, biwy, weighing bag, receiving mat, storage bag, scale, slingshot, boogie launcher (Cobra), bait boat, gps, echo sounder, boat, headlamp for night fishing and not forgetting your pet dog! reception mat (spacious), landing net (wide), scale, camera (with batteries), lamps, bed chair...
the small fishing equipment (hooks, leaders, swivels, sinkers etc...) is presented to you in the heading "assemblies".
Also, don't forget your food and cooking utensils if your session is going to last over time.

The bait boat

The bait boat has become an important but not obligatory fishing accessory!
* It makes it possible to deposit the primers in a well defined place.
* Possibility to put your lines on stations inaccessible to the throwing (under trees, very close to the stumps ....)
* It also allows the removal of the most fragile and smallest baits (baked potato, corn, pellets ...).

carp bait boat

carp bait boat

Carp Design V-70 bait boat

The boat, the inflatable or the Zodiac

The zodiac is infinitely more suitable for carp fishing: more stable, less heavy, almost no current (for those who fish the river) which makes it easier to use an electric where a hard boat will need a thermal to move forward properly.
Also, it will be very useful for fighting fish that will seek obstacles from a distance.

zodiac boat for fishing

inflatable fishing boat

inflatable boat equipped for carp

The only drawback is the wind grip, which can sometimes be a real pain in the ass when fighting and putting down.
Also, it will be very useful in fighting fish that will seek out obstacles at a distance.
The sounding of the position can be accurate, especially if you have an echo sounder.

Lifejacket mandatory when sailingSafe and mandatory to navigate, don't forget it.
Don't neglect the lifejacket when you take the boat, it's not very aesthetic but there's no need to make the headlines for a tragic fishing session!
The lifejacket is not a joke! It has helped save an inestimable number of lives. It is an indispensable accessory on board.
For basic safety reasons, boats must have them for each of their passengers. Some people are reluctant to put them on, forgetting that when sailing, a simple lapse of attention can be fatal.
Without a flotation device to keep the head above water while help arrives, the risk of drowning is very high.

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