The landing net for your carp

Carp rush before the landing net

One last carp rusch near the edge

the landing of the carp

Always be on attention, even if you think that the fight with the carp is coming to an end and that it seems to you out of condition to fight, because it is able to give you a last minute rush.
Keep in mind that a lot of stall happens at the edge of the water and that only the action of your rod and a well adjusted brake will avoid you to lose your fish.
If like me you are a fan of exhausting your fish yourself, the following is for you.
It's time to get it out of the water with the net you've prepared in advance, isn't it!
The landing net is positioned at the beginning of the fishing trip away from your rods to avoid any entanglement with the other lines and it will also be easier to work the carp away from your battery.
The net is introduced into the water in order to wet it completely, it will then be largely ready to receive your carp when the time comes.
As soon as the carp is brought close to the edge while keeping its head out of the water, slide it towards the net by straightening the rod upwards.
The net, held by the free hand, must remain motionless during all this operation.
Without precipitation, you must make enter your carp there without being obliged to move the net because it is likely to be frightened and to make you a last rush which would make everything capsize.
The net of the landing net is raised from the water only when the fish is completely inside your net.

To quickly calm down a struggling carp and to avoid injuring itself, cover its eyes because in the darkness, it will feel less stressed and safe.

Carp handling after capture

Remove the handle of the landing net to finally take the net and the carp to go to the landing mat which will have been humidified beforehand.
If your carp is too big, ask to bring your landing mat in the water to move it without danger.
Do not run especially not because a fall would be heavy of consequences for your carp.
Once the carp deposited on the landing mat, take the carp out of the landing net so that it loses only a minimum of mucus due to the contact with the net without forgetting also to humidify your hands.
Take care that the dorsal fin or the hook is not hooked in the net.
The hook must now be unhooked immediately and methodically, avoiding touching the gills.
The gills, which are very rich in blood, are very fragile and the slightest bleeding would have serious consequences.

It is also the moment to check if your carp does not have apparent wounds on the body and in the mouth.
If it is the case, clean and apply an antiseptic such as Dakin (external use), methylene blue or diluted potassium Permanganate (1 gr for 25 cl of water or 1 gr mixed with 50 gr of vaseline) using cotton stems or a brush.

After all these checks, you can proceed to the weighing while remaining concentrated to avoid making handling errors and especially
keeping in mind that the carp is always out of the water!
If your carp is stressed, the new floating weigh-in bags are ideal for it to recover quietly and calmly before being put back in the water.

Weighing equipment for carp

Weighing your carp

Floating carp weighing bag

Photo or film sequences

Water your carp out of the water.

The photo or film sessions to immortalize your most beautiful shots, must be quite short while respecting certain rules:
- The carp which is exhausted by the fight can't stand the time spent out of the water and especially if the sun is at its highest.
- It is necessary to think of watering your fish so that it doesn't lose its precious mucus which is important for its health.
- Never stand up with your carp which can fall on the ground if you don't hold it!
- Particular attention as regards a very big carp (20 kg, 30 kg and +) to position your hands flat under its body to support it because under the effect of its weight, you could damage its internal organs.
Crouching down, holding it with both hands, help yourself with your knees to put it on and thus relieve it of its weight and also relieve your arms.
I won't teach you here how to make beautiful pictures, but be imaginative in the poses with if possible beautiful backgrounds and don't forget that it's not you the star, but your carp!
It's a pity for my taste to see poses with outstretched arms with a wide angle lens which oversize the carps and make them monstrous.

Releasing your fish back into the water

By practicing No-Kill, you commit yourself to respect the carp and its health, and thus perpetuate the passion we have for fishing this magnificent fish with as much pleasure as ever.
It is advisable at the time of the release to hold the carp the body and the head entirely in water, and to wait the necessary time so that it finds the strength to leave again all alone.
You can of course help him by making him make a movement back and forth in the water to allow a faster oxygenation towards his gills.
If you are equipped, you can enter the water by moving away from the shore where the water is a little richer in oxygen.
You can take advantage of it to make another series of photos with your carp if the configuration of the fishing spot is favourable.
I think that it is also important to accompany your carp towards its freedom to thank it in a way for the pleasure it gave us.
After all these emotions, these unique and intense moments with in the hope to find it one day, you just have to put back your line to finally sit down in your bedchair to contemplate your photos and relive these moments of happiness which make of you a fulfilled carpist!....

Articles updated on: 10/06/2020

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