No-Kill carp equipment

Receiving and no-killing fish requires specific equipment to protect and avoid injuring the carp after they are caught.
The No-Kill must be accompanied by a very particular attention to the carps. Indeed, the repeated handling will tend to damage the fish (mucus or scales).
With poorly managed handling and the probable stress caused by each capture, it is easy to imagine the injuries that this can cause to carp, especially in overfished areas.
It is therefore important to handle and release each catch in the best possible conditions to limit the trauma we can cause them.

The carp landing net
Equally important, the landing net should be wide-angled with an opening of at least 90 cm, accompanied by a fine-meshed net.
The width between the arms can be from 90 cm to 130 cm. But the wider it is, the more difficult it is to handle, so 115 cm would be the ideal choice.
The carbon shaft and mats are a wise choice, admittedly more fragile than fibreglass, but more importantly lighter to handle.
The fork that holds the masts together should be foolproof, I would advise it in stainless steel or aluminium rather than plastic or carbon.
The mesh size of the net is very important, prefer the fine one not to wound the carps and to preserve its mucus. The net should not be too deep and with a flat bottom to avoid injuring the fish during its transport to the landing tank.

Wide flat-bottomed carp net

Stainless steel fork for carp landing net

Foam floats for carp landing nets

the carp reception mat or basin
The mucus protects the fish from bacteria, fungi and viruses in the environment, trapping germs before they can cause infection. One of the most important pieces of equipment for the wellbeing of carp is the landing mat to safely receive your fish.
The landing mat has evolved from a simple foam mat to a cradle or basin on the market.
It is however necessary to take care to humidify the fish permanently especially in case of strong heat, for that do not hesitate to have a bucket filled with water to humidify continuously your fish.
With the "basins", your carp will be able to be received in full safety at the edge of water and this thanks to the edges and its shape of cradle preventing the fish from slipping out.

Landing mat with polystyrene balls

Foam landing cradles

Reception basin with folding hoops

The water bucket allows you to moisten the mat and the carp, as well as all the accessories that will be in contact with the fish. This is essential before depositing your catch to protect the slime.

Flexible water bucket for carp fishing

Moisten your carp often out of the water

Foldable water bucket for carp fishing

The floating storage bag which can be used as a weighing bag, is now replacing the storage bag (net) which has become obsolete and is even forbidden in many private places. It has the advantage of floating, being spacious and minimising the stress caused to the carp.
On the practical side, the floating bag can be used as a weighing bag and thus avoid several manipulations if you took care to deposit the carp directly from the landing net to the bag at the water's edge.

Receiving equipment for carp

Floating bag for carp

Example of a floating bag for carp

Disinfectants for possible injuries to carp

Unfortunately and without meaning to, we can injure carp during fights because of hooks or their body rubbing against hard obstacles.
It is possible to treat them by applying products intended for this purpose. Their effectiveness is not really proven, but what is certain is that it can in no way harm them.
A simple application to wounds acts as an antiseptic to help them heal. Avoid putting it on the eyes and gills of the fish.

- Potassium Permanganate is the best antiseptic we can use on detected wounds, ulcerations or infections. It is a product sold in pharmacies in the form of sachets containing tiny crystals, which when diluted in warm water will turn into a solution of a beautiful intense purple colour(0.1 g /l of water or 0.25 g mixed with 50 g of pure milking grease or Vaseline). The oxidising properties of this product make it a first-rate antiseptic and disinfectant, non-toxic and non-polluting, which can be applied with a cotton swab to all wounds.
- Methylene blue which is an antiseptic with weak fungicidal and bactericidal action, only prevents colonisation(bacteria, spores, parasitic micro-organisms etc.), so it is not very effective on wounds caused by the loss of scales or larger cuts(forget about it).
- Betadine is a bactericide and antifungal(it contains 1% iodine and iodine is a pollutant for fresh water). Be careful, this product is a dermal product not to be used on mouth wounds and gills(to be used only as a last resort).

Potassium Permanganate is an ideal antiseptic for treating carp

Betadine is an antiseptic of last resort for carp wounds

Korda Carp Care Kit for carp

Carp handling

It can be difficult to handle a carp and it is important to always stand over a landing mat as a carp's reactions are often unexpected.
Never use a cloth to hold your fish or stick it against you as you risk removing much of its slime.

How to handle a carp properly

Never carry a carp in a standing position but in a crouched position as it could be fatal if it falls. It is important to be careful not to put your fingers in its gills and to check that the fins are not bent and pressed against its body.
For weighing, a rigid frame weighing bag will be ideal for the protection of the carp.

When releasing the carp, take care to accompany the carp so that it is gently reoxygenated.
In any case, the handling of the fish must be done quickly. Some waters allow retention bags for night fishing, in this case never put two fish in the same bag.
Floating bags are much more comfortable for carp, offering them more space.

Articles updated on: 16/07/2022

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