The night carp fishing

The night carp fishing

The unavoidable "Night fishing" which aroused a lot of will from the fishermen to finally make understand that thanks to the no-kill and the seriousness of the carpanglers, the carp fishing will not be what it is today.
Why do you want to hunt carps at night ?
The night provokes a tenfold increase of the senses, the carp will be less distrustful and more receptive to the olfactory messages and also, some strokes without the slightest departure during the day, prove to be productive at night!

21...22...23 o'clock...shhhhhhhhhh...from that moment on, we are plunged into another world: the dream becomes reality and around us calm sets in...our adrenaline rises...our eyes stare at the canes and our ears remain attentive to the slightest beep!

night carp start

Night fishing cannot be improvised! There are rules to follow if you don't want your session to turn into a nightmare!
First of all, make a checklist so you don't forget anything before leaving for a pleasant night fishing session of several days:
- your person: identity, fishing card and authorizations, medicines, geolocalized mobile phone (let your relatives know where you are)...
- your complete sheath: rods and reels, rod-pod and detectors, landing net, landing mat, floating conservation bags, scale, weighing bag...
- your small equipment: I won't make a list because it's so long (hooks, sinkers, leaders......)
- your bait and baits: boilies, cooked seeds, baiting flours, attractants, soaking oils, buckets, bait boat (if authorized)....
- your comfort: biwi, bed-chair, sleeping bag, boots and warm clothes, kitchen arbour, folding chairs and table, gas stove, electric cooler, kitchen utensils, standing barbecue, food and drinks, bins and bags, first aid kit, fire extinguisher...
- Don't neglect a supply of drinking water for your toilet and dishes.
- The essentials: headlamp, torches, camera and tripod, batteries, carp disinfectant, shovel, butt box...
OK! we are good here I think and now my little advices for night fishing.

Carp battery ready for the night

Carp battery at dawn

Camp set up for the night

Installing the night shift

After selecting the fishing spot, you will have to set up the camp and to do so, check the direction of the prevailing wind so that you don't have to move your biwi afterwards and everything else.
Indeed, I recommend to have the wind in the back or on the side of the biwi and the battery visible from the inside of the biwi for more efficiency during a start.
The battery should be kept away from the rods to avoid a snag during the throws.
Make sure that nothing hinders your night travel to access your battery (I did not say destroy the flora!).
Don't leave comfort aside because a long session could become an ordeal if you neglected this detail.
A baiting, weighing, fish reception and photo corner must be set up so that your camp does not look like a mess.
Also, a kitchen area to take your meals under an arbour will improve your comfort so you won't be in the rain and you won't grill in the sun.
If you are a barbecue enthusiast, don't forget, on foot only and make sure to secure the area around and under it (dry grass, brushwood).
Put your rubbish in a garbage bag locked in a bin and keep it away from your camp (rodents are never far away).
And if you have to bait or set your lines on a boat, don't forget the life jacket (which is mandatory) so that you don't make the headlines in the local papers about a tragic fishing session!

Carp camp organized and ready for the night

My friend is also entitled to board and lodging.

Example of an arrangement of its post to fish for carp at night

Baiting for night fishing

Baiting, or rather, baiting strategies may vary depending on the season or the area you are fishing.
Waiting for dusk to re-launch the rods and bait would be a mistake because if carp are present, they are likely to sulk the area after this bombardment. It is better to check all the rigs and to re-bait between 6 pm and 8 pm. It is also advisable to increase the size of the boilies in order to limit the attacks of undesirables!
At night, the use of a soluble bag containing the leader and a few boilies is sufficient. But beware, precision is required because there is no question of bringing back to launch again. Two to three minutes after the assembly has reached the bottom, a half turn of the crank is enough to clear the trace.

Baiting boilies at night

Personally I bait heavily from 4 to 6 pm to fish at night, followed by a light recall by rod in case of departure.
This technique is very effective when the beginning of the night is not very productive but that the second part of the night and the dawn are very good.
On the other hand, if the fish are continuously active, it is good to proceed to a baiting only recall. That is to say, to have to bait the same quantity of fish day and night at each start.
Contrary to popular belief, nothing prevents you from checking and re-triggering your lines throughout the night and this technique allows you to have good fishing lines and positive results.

The throwing of his night carp rods

There are several ways to launch in the right place and to find your way around at night.
The main thing is already to throw in the right direction and for that you have to:
* to get your bearings during the day: (big trees, church roofs, pylons etc...)
* at night, they will be visible as shadow puppets.

markers for night carp fishing

What about fishing distance?
To make sure I throw at the right distance, I use a strand of elastic that I knot on the line near the spool, once my line is thrown on the post.
This rubber band will serve as a marker to clip my line body after each cast to make sure that the lines are in the right place.
It is very important to remember to unclip the line from the reel after casting, otherwise the nylon will break or the rod will go in the water at the first start.
To fix the elastic on the line body, just make a barrel knot, then wet it before tightening it. it must be well tightened so that it does not slip along the line body.
If your reel is equipped with fluorescent line, at night thanks to your headlamp, you will be able to better distinguish your line and you will be able to follow the evolution of the carp and thus avoid the obstacles spotted during the day.

Frequency of night departures

Through my experience of the night, I have noticed that departures often occur at the same times on a productive shift:
* 10:00 p.m.
* Midnight.
* Two hours.
* Four hours.
* and at 5:00 in the morning when everyone's in a deep sleep!

Fighting with carp at night

La pêche de nuit à la carpe

At night, after a departure and if you fish far away, it is difficult to see where is the carp and in which direction it goes. The fight is thus more delicate than in full daylight.
The first minutes, we find ourselves in the unknown with the impression that the carp escapes us.
If the night is not too dark, a glance at the scion or the pulling force can possibly help you on the direction where the carp is moving.
As soon as the fish stops taking your line, you can start pumping it as in daylight, except that here it is dark.
According to the direction it has chosen, on the right or on the left, move your battery on the right side to avoid if possible that the carp gets entangled in the rest of your lines (what happens often, alas!).
It's only when it gets closer to the bank that it's time to switch on your headlamp and so to follow the line to avoid at first the traps which would be near the bank and in a second time to put the carp in the net when the time comes.
That's why it is necessary to locate during the day the possible traps in the water or the defects of the bank which could be dangerous for you and make you fall (stones, stumps, holes...).
The landing net will be perilous if you didn't tire your carp enough, so don't be in too much hurry.

The reception of the fish at night

A landing mat is essential for carp otherwise the risk of injury is high, so prefer "basins" which are ideal for landing fish.
This is especially true at night when the fish are very energetic during out-of-water handling.
The purpose of the landing mat is also to protect the carp's mucus layer, so feel free to wet it well.
At night, the handling of the carp is more perilous and it is wiser to have everything grouped together in a dedicated area: landing mat, weighing bag, floating storage bag, sinker...
The landing net should be kept out of the water in a near vertical position, on a pole, always because of the rodents... The net will be deeply immersed before attempting to get the carp into it. The landing mat will be fixed to the ground because on windy days, going in search of it is not the best safety guarantee neither for the fisherman, nor for the fish! The weighing and conservation bags will be stored overnight in a basin or a bucket filled with water which will be used when the time comes to moisten the mat and the carp. The carp should not be dazzled as they often react violently to a sudden excess of light.
If you are shooting at night, do not linger as your carp is always out of the water and its element is its survival.

Lighting in night fishing

The headlamp: definitions for seeing clearly
The headlamp is a portable lighting system that is placed on the head and held in place by an elasticated headband, allowing you to keep your hands free.
It is an essential accessory that accompanies you in the dark to direct you to your rods or to exhaust your fish.
With congested waters, the fluorescent line is an asset because it makes it possible to slalom between obstacles. The headlamp's light beams make it easier to keep track of the fight.
Prefer the LED headlamp which has many advantages such as high resistance and long durability. In addition, they consume little energy and are therefore very economical to use.
Bivi light
A gas or battery powered lamp will facilitate all interventions on the fixtures inside the biwi. A torch will complete the lighting.
Moreover, if all the accessories are installed on a small, light-coloured tarpaulin of 2 to 3 m², all this equipment becomes much easier to find.

LED headlamp for night fishing

LED bivi lamp for hanging

Lamp for bivi Fox

A solar lamp can be useful !

Imagine yourself fishing alone, on a dark and starless night, after a succulent meal, lying on your bed flesh in the arms of morpheus and taken by a sleep dotted with beautiful dreams of carp prowling around your boilies that you have rolled the previous days with love and care,
when suddenly your power plant starts to sing the longed-for beep.
The adrenaline rush and the race towards the rods illuminated by the touch sensor that has been activated, the ample ironing puts you in direct contact with your fish and there you realise that you have hit the big one, it is then that you get into your boat to fight the fish of your dreams. Twenty, thirty minutes of happiness and you are still on the water with this queen who gives you the maximum of emotions, to finally see her surrender exhausted after this fight worthy of a gladiatrix, and finally end up in your net.
You are in heaven, nothing more wonderful could happen to you at this moment; it is the apotheosis, the ecstasy at the sight of what can be your record carp!
And then suddenly you realise that you are in the middle of the lake with no visual cues. It is impossible for you to know where your camp is and then everything becomes a nightmare, because I can guarantee you that at night all the shadows look the same and if the sky is devoid of stars it is very difficult to find your bearings. Your gaze goes everywhere, you look in vain for where to go and a terrible anguish is felt....
Panic sets in, you can't see anything and you don't know where to go!

Firefly effect on the shore while fishing at night

Thank God, the solar lamp and its firefly effect orientates and guides you like a lighthouse at the seaside and you realise that without it, your immense happiness would have lost all its charm.
Ah! wonderful light...I owe you a candle!


night fishing lightning

safety tips for carp fishing

night fishing lightning


safe lightning protection *Your car is insulated in case of lightning strikes. (Faraday cage) When lightning strikes the vehicle directly, it acts as a protective envelope by deflecting the current. The electrical charges immediately spread over the outer surface of the car before reaching the ground. The car is then said to act like a Faraday cage, a phenomenon that keeps the occupants of the passenger compartment unharmed.
* Move at least 10 feet away from other people (possible arcing between you).
* Turn off your cell phones or computers.
* Don't stay in your biwy if it's under a tree because a branch weighing more than 50 kg would crush you!
* Avoid touching and picking up the canes in case of a storm nearby (electrical conductivity).
* If the weather is forecasting a storm and you have time, pack up and leave the premises for your safety!

At night, there is a real risk of falling, so if the banks are steep or if there is water depth at your feet, don't hesitate to put on a lifejacket when you go out on the water at night. There is still too much drama going on among carpanglers.

Carp fishing video where the storm breaks on the carp battery

At night, remember to sleep well

* Get some rest, as the untimely beeps may disturb you.
* Your detectors and your control panel are there to warn you of a possible touch.
* Make sure you have everything you need at hand at night.
* Keep your bait away from rodents;
* Keep your rods out of the way if you don't want your nighttime departure to turn into a disaster.
* At night everything seems to go faster! Don't try to put the fish in the net: that's what you shouldn't do: stay zen.
* You can secure the station by placing presence detectors (a kind of wireless bell with motion detectors) to be warned of the presence of individuals near the station.
They are available with an alarm or with a wireless alarm light with remote control (practical and inexpensive).
* The presence of man's best friend will do the trick! And believe me, he will be happy to be so helpful.

intruder alarm for night fishing
Motion detection alarm

The dog remains a deterrent for night fishing.
Our friend watches over us

night fishing deterrent signs
Deterrent signs

Night fishing invaders

I'm not talking about Roy Thinnes in the role of David Vincent from the TV series "the invaders, those strange beings from another planet" but insects!
They can spoil your fishing session with a simple sting that can become very serious by a severe anaphylactic reaction with sudden hypotension, generalized oedema and respiratory problems.
Difficulties to be held:
  • Remove the sting if possible by scraping the area (blue card) do not use tweezers it could press on the venom pouch.
  • Put a cold compress or ice pack on it.
  • Elevate the area to reduce swelling.
  • Go to the emergency room if you experience discomfort, tingling, dizziness, general itching and hives, swelling of the lips and tongue, wheezing or fainting.

  • In case of snake bite and in the presence of symptoms such as pain, heat, redness, edema, nausea, urticaria, vomiting, diarrhea, tachycardia, hypotension, confusion, malaise, anaphylactic shock which may lead to shock:
  • Call 911 as soon as possible.
  • Place the victim at rest and get her LOC.
  • Disinfect the wound (water, soap and disinfectant) and immobilize the limb.
  • Remove rings, bracelets, necklaces, tight shoes, or anything else that causes compression.
  • No anti-inflammatories or aspirin.

  • The main insects responsible for fishing bites

    In case of snakebite and if symptoms are present such as pain, heat, redness, oedema, nausea, hives, vomiting, diarrhoea, tachycardia, hypotension, confusion, malaise, anaphylactic shock and even shock:
  • Alert the emergency services as soon as possible and while waiting:
  • Place the victim at rest and in the PLS (lateral position of safety) and in the event of unconsciousness or vomiting, clear the airway and remove the tongue from the individual who could choke.
  • Disinfect the wound (water, soap and disinfectant) and immobilise the limb or victim
  • Remove rings, bracelets, necklaces, tight shoes or anything that would cause compression as the area may swell.
  • No anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin, the emergency doctor will give him what he needs.

  • Snakebites in fishing

    Influence of the moon on night fishing

    lune en pêche de nuitFor me the moon is very important in organizing my fishing trips.
    I noticed that the first or the last quarter moon was productive according to the fishing period in the year and especially the weather!
    I'm not saying that the rest of the time you have to stay home, but during those periods of favorable moon quarter, it is euphoria and it is not uncommon to spend short nights if you have done the necessary preparation on your side.

    night departure for carp fishing

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