Carp fishing in gravel pits, how to fish there

Carp fishing in gravel

Gravel pits are a special kind of fishing spot and can be complicated to fish for carp.
They are the result of old exploitations of the grounds (production of aggregates) near the rivers and which after remoistening become places of fishing.
The bottom of a gravel pit is generally made up of sand and stones which very often ensures a high quality of water where natural food is abundant (crayfish, anodonts, snails, dressens and other gammares).
If these gravel pits are also periodically flooded by streams, the quantity of food is of high quality.
The water is usually very clear and the depth can vary from 1m to over 8m as the bottom is often irregular.
The sounding allows you to determine the pools and shallows that make up the topography of the gravel pits because in the spring, you will have to favour the shallows and the edges exposed to the sun that will bring the first softness.
There are plenty of places where fish can feed, such as the shallows, the edges where grass beds proliferate and near the beaches where carp come to congregate.
The fishing pressure is quite important because many carp enduros are organized there and today (2021), we find there very beautiful carps become wary with which it will be necessary to find the good tactics of fishing.

Large gravel pit in eastern France

Recent gravel pit with poor flora

Gravel pit rich in plantations ideal for fishing


Observation is paramount at the water's edge to locate carp in a gravel pit as here there are no landmarks to discover carp resting and feeding areas.
It is by observing the jumps and other porpoises, by probing to find the shallows and the topography of the bottom, by seeking the zones of herbariums that you will define your fishing spots.


You must not forget that, as in the lake, the presence of dressen mussels, stones and other bottom weeds will quickly weaken or even cut your lines.
There is no point in fishing fine because here, the solidity must be foolproof especially in the summer when the weed beds will have proliferated and the carps will have only one idea in mind: to take refuge there!
Not being a fan of the braid, I advise you a good nylon of 35/100th in body of line, idem for the bottom of line (personally, I use only black amnésia) and in hooks, I choose them in connection with the bait used.
The escape rig with lead that comes off at the slightest trap and D-ring or semi-floating hair for the boilies.

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Last updated on: 26/09/2021

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