Carp fishing in lakes, tactics and strategies

Carp fishing in lakes

Carp fishing in lakes is different from fishing in ponds or lakes as it is characterised by larger bodies of water and if you choose a dam lake, the water levels will be different in different seasons.
Fishing here is difficult for a beginner and dropping your lines for the first time on a hunch often generates disappointing, even discouraging results.
Location and scouting will be essential to the success of your lake sessions and do not neglect to change stations if necessary.
It will be necessary to have a motorised boat as dam lakes often have limited access for vehicles and even on foot to move your equipment in a cart over hundreds of metres, the terrain is likely to be rough. Without a boat, the choice of stations will be particularly limited. Translated with (free version)

The Lac du Der Chante-coq located between the Marne and the Haute Marne

The Lake of Sainte Croix located in the Var and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

The Lake of Saint Cassien located in Provence, in the south-east of the Var department

Choosing a lake fishing spot

Faced with these large bodies of water, the question arises as to where to stalk the carp. It would be simpler to fish them where they have been caught, but as a good carp angler, it would be more rewarding to look elsewhere.
Sightings of carp are very difficult as the winds usually blow away any such hopes, so don't think about it.
Don't also look to fish the abysses of the lake, but rather the shallows by probing from the shore or by boat if it is allowed.
As elsewhere, don't neglect the edges, weed beds, water lilies or dead trees. The secluded areas, islands and bays.
In fact, you will need to grid the lake by changing stations to get results and consider transporting your equipment on the water when stations are not accessible by land.

Carp lake expedition

Baiting and baits for lake fishing

Baiting strategies will depend on the number of starts you get, so there's no point dumping tons of bait on the first day of fishing.
The baiting should be precise and targeted, about 250 m² around each leader, either in a circle or in a star shape to eventually create bait paths leading to your baits.
In the lake, boilies and seeds are the king of baiting and spawning but there is nothing to stop you adding good bait balls which have always proved effective in carp fishing.
Depending on the frequency of bites, you will have to modify the quantities of baiting, the choice of baiting of your lines and adapt the assembly which unwinds with the other rods.

Mounts for lake fishing

The presentation of the bait is an important factor, whether it is dense, balanced or floating, and here you will have to adapt the rig to give results.
In congested areas, they will usually be made of braided line as the obstacles could have an impact on the strength of the leader.
For more open areas, flurocarbon or D-rig eschewed amnesia leaders seem to be a good compromise.
Slightly unstuck rigs are always an alternative, both on muddy and rocky bottoms. On these rigs, a tiger snowman/pop-up rig or a simple 20mm pop-up would do well to start.


Fishing in a large lake may be difficult but it provides intense sensations which are not only reserved for an elite but which, with a little experience and perseverance, are within the reach of all.
The choice of a lake is not an easy one as there are so many different places in France.So try carp fishing in a lake and prefer tactics to technique, friendship to rivalry and session to competition.

Last update: 03/10/2021

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