Carp fishing in the river

Carp fishing in the river

River fishing requires a change in fishing technique compared to ponds and lakes.
The herd is different and often unknown, you don't know what kind of carp will bite your bait and above all, the departures are dazzling and the fights more intense, even overpowering.
It is nevertheless pleasant to catch carps virgin of any capture in these rivers which reserve us big surprises.

River carp station with water lilies

River carp station with branches

River fighting with a powerful carp

But there are also negative points:
The rising waters are unpredictable and sometimes you have to abandon the spot where you started and, above all, you have to fish with solid equipment:
Having rods of 3 pounds minimum is not a luxury, but an obligation and your mills will have to be lined with nylon 40 hundredths minimum with 40 pounds braided socks.
Obviously, your battery or rods will need to be well moored as departures are unpredictable, suggesting that your brakes will need to be adjusted to perfection.
I don't want to frighten you, but pond fishing is fun compared to the force deployed by the river carps!

The choice of the river fishing station

The first step is to find an area where the carp could go several months in the year because they move around a lot.
In order to locate the site, it will be important to know the depth of the post, the pits and breaks followed by large ascents without forgetting to locate the edges that may hide stumps or submerged branches.
Prefer bends or dead arms to the long straights of the rivers, where the natural food accumulates and the carp are safe.

Baiting and baiting for river fishing

I advise you to start baiting with boilies and to make them yourself in size from 20mm to 30 mm to avoid undesirable hits.
If you absolutely want to use seeds in priming, do not lignify on the quantities (5 to 10 kg per day) because the brèmes or barbeaux will have quickly made to clean your blow not leaving anything any more with the carps.
And I think the carp in our rivers are not under as much fishing pressure as in the ponds and lakes.
The carp in our rivers may have never encountered boilies, in this case they should be accustomed and it may take some time.

Mounts for river fishing

Your assemblies will be simple, effective and solid with strong iron hooks, an in-line assembly with flat leads from 100 to 150gr and + depending on the strength of the current.
Indeed, river fishing requires sinkers that are often much heavier than in calm water, mainly to prevent the current from hitting the banner.
If you fish close to the bank with spades or your rod-pod, your rods will be pointed in the direction of the river current.
If you are fishing on opposite banks, it will be preferable to position your rods at about 45°/70° to keep your banners as far away as possible from the current of the river and the debris carried on it.
Your socks should be rigid enough to avoid entanglement caused by bremen, barbels, crayfish or other: fluoro-carbon or amnesia will do very well in these cases.
As far as hook rigs are concerned, there aren't really any rules, you have to try everything and keep it as simple as possible but I have a preference for the D-ring.
You have to avoid that pests put your rigs out of order, so stiff rigs, big boilies and sharp hooks n°1 to n°4!

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