Recipe for boosters for carp boilies

o be able to booster the boilies correctly, it is advisable first of all not to prolong the cooking more than strictly necessary, because it is precisely these few extra minutes which often make them impermeable and which would prevent the booster from penetrating well into the boilie.
The soaking of the boilies can start the next day by storing them in pickle jars which have a basket to take them out (ideal to recover the soaked boilies).
The mixture used will most often be made up of approximately 50% vegetable oil, 30% essential oil or attractant and 20% aromas.
The fact that the boilie is not very hard contributes to the fact that it absorbs very quickly the oils but also that it diffuses them also quickly.
As soon as the bouillette is immersed, the molecules will disperse and diffuse a very powerful olfactory cloud.
Boosting the boilies of baiting does not seem necessary to me, the goal being that the Carp seizes in priority the boiled boilie trapped and boosted and if you add a stick to it, then there, it is the cherry on the cake.

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There are many tried and tested ready-made boosters and soaking oils available in the trade, but making them yourself is glorious and who knows, maybe you will find the miracle recipe!

Homemade boilie boosters

Carp boilies dipped in a spicy booster

Carp boilies dipped in a vanilla caramel booster

Natural boosters for carp boilies

It is quite possible to make your own boosters without preservatives and as you know, the oils used do not keep indefinitely!
They will always need to be stored in a cool place as the oil will go rancid in the heat especially in the summer and your soaked boilies may be foul smelling.
It is therefore unnecessary to make large quantities in advance (here, I suggest you make 300 ml bottles).

Recipe n°1 (hot water):

- 15 cl corn oil
- 5 cl walnut oil
- 5 cl cane sugar
- 4 cl of flavouring of your choice
- 5 g salt

Recipe n°2 (cold water):

- 15 cl sunflower oil
- 5 cl of alcohol (food grade)
- 5 cl cane sugar
- 2 drops of essential oil of your choice
- 4 cl perfume of your choice
- 5 g salt

Recipe n°3 (meaty taste):

- 15 cl sardine or cod liver oil
- 5 cl salmon oil
- 5 cl cane sugar
- 5 g fish stock (powder)
- 5 g salt

Recipe n°4 (vanilla-caramel):

- 20 cl corn oil
- 5 cl of liquid caramel
- 4 cl vanilla extract or
- the seeds of 2 vanilla pods
- 5 g salt

Booster natural

Nioc-Nam, soy sauce, fruit syrups or Viandox are products that can also be used to boost your bait.
To do this, simply soak your bait for 48 hours before your fishing session.
You can add to these "natural boosters" icing sugar which will have the effect of thickening the liquid and coating your boilies well!

Tips for fruit sIrops that are a little too liquid:
Tip 1: Add agar-agar which is a seaweed well known to cooks for its strong gelling power. If you feel that your fruit syrup does not have the desired texture, you add a little agar-agar to the syrup (at the rate of about 2 grams for 1 litre of syrup) before heating it, mixing it well, and waiting for the miracle to work when the syrup cools.
Tip 2: Bring your syrup to a gentle boil to evaporate some of the water in it and get a thicker syrup. I did not say to make caramel, so you will have to watch carefully the cooking until you obtain a thicker syrup and which coats well (be careful not to burn yourself because the temperature can reach more than 130°).
Stop cooking at 115° (called petit boulé) and dip the bottom of the pan in cold water.

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