Recipes of sticks for your carp mounts

A stick is a mixture of attractive ingredients designed to make a mini-bait in close proximity to the bait.
The stick is made with a tube (piston) that compresses the bait into a soluble "sock" and is then attached to the hook or threaded through the leader with a lochet needle. It is possible to vary the size of the needle according to the desired casting distance (5 to 7 cm is the ideal size).
It allows you to direct the carp as close as possible to your bait. The stick is also a way of thwarting the distrust of certain carp.
Fishing with a stick has many advantages, especially during improvised sessions where without habituation baiting, the carp will not resist for long in front of this "dish" which is proposed to him.

Piston for PVA sticks
Piston pour sticks PVA

Grinding bait for sticks with a Krusha
Broyage d'appâts avec un Krusha

Carp ready bait stick
Stick d'amorce prêt pour votre montage

To make a stick, you will need for example: flours or any other ready-made carp bait (optional) to which we will add pellets and boilies which will have been crushed either at home with a mixer or on the spot with a Krusha according to the granulometry that you wish to obtain.
You will only have to mix these ingredients well by adding (if you have incorporated flours) not water, but a special stick liquid solution which will not melt the sock or the PVA too quickly and which will prevent the baits from rising to the surface.
Of course, your stick can be made with only "dry" baits and there is no need to add liquids.

Bait for your sticks

You will have understood that the effect of the stick is to attract the carp as close as possible to your rigs and that it will be composed of baits for the carp.
Boilies and pellets are essential to fill your sticks and it is quite possible to add other ingredients such as corn seeds, tiger nuts, beans...well cooked, crushed and the least wet.
There are a multitude of possible combinations to make a stick mix, here are some examples:
* Boilies: it is advisable to grind them for a better diffusion.
* Frolic: very easy to grind and its nutritional values are appreciated by the carps.
* Pellets: they are not always easy to crush so prefer micro-pellets which are easier to place directly into your stick.
* Cooked seeds: maize, tiger nuts, broad beans... will also be crushed roughly.
* Cooked hemp seeds: they are considered to be a magnet for carp, which love them.

To make your stick ultra attractive, you can reasonably add boilie booster or any other essential oil (which does not contain water) to make it more fragrant and sticky.
There is nothing to stop you from adding flavourings or spices (robin red, chilli, garlic powder, liver powder etc).

Recipes for your sticks

You will need a stick plunger with a PVA thread, a "Krusha" type grinder, a mixing bowl and a jar.
Choose a pot with a capacity of about 250 gr which will serve as a base for your recipes. There is no need to prepare it in advance as the ground ingredients will lose their flavour and effectiveness.

Classic recipe

* 2 jars of crushed boilies
* 1 jar of crushed micro pellets
* 1 jar of crushed cooked hemp seed

Tuna recipe

* 1 jar of well-drained tuna
* 1 jar of crushed fish croquettes
* 1 jar of crushed cooked hemp seed

Gourmet recipe

* 2 jars of ground scopex boilies
* 1 jar of ground baby corn
* 1 jar of ground cooked hemp seed
* 2 tbsp Robin Red

Spicy Recipe

* 2 jars of crushed SK30 boilies
* 1 jar of crushed frolic kibble
* 1 jar of crushed Spicy pellets
* 2 tbsp of "Hot'n Spicy" spices

Chef's recipe

* 2 jars of Drachkovitch groundbait
* 1 jar of crushed scopex boilies
* 1 jar of ground honey popcorn
* 2 tbsp of vanilla-caramel booster

Candy recipe

* 1 jar of Bird food with fruit
* 1 jar of crushed micro-pellets
* 1 jar of crushed frolic kibble
* 1 jar of crushed cooked hemp seed
* 2 tbsp scopex booster

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