Bait recipes for carp fishing

Using groundbait for carp, a forgotten gesture!

Today, the baiting for carp fishing is often only composed of boilies thrown with a cobra or deposited in a boat or with the help of the baiting boat.
Alas, many carp anglers no longer use home-made bait for carp fishing, and yet it remains formidable and often makes the difference in certain conditions.

By using groundbait balls, you will quickly create feeding activity on your shot and it will not be uncommon to get hits within minutes.
In addition, the groundbait will be quickly spotted by the carp and they will stay in the baited area for longer.

Bait balls for carp

Bait balls and sticks for carp

Homemade carp bait balls

Granulometry, an essential point of the primer

One of the most important points of a carp groundbait is the particle size which will attract and select the big fish.
The first fish to arrive on your shot will be attracted by all these particles which will have the effect of grouping them together and attracting other fish.
From this point on, the carp will enter the area in search of food such as seeds, boilies which are popular and nutritious foods.
But also grab the big bait grinds that the small fish can't ingest and the carp are quick to clean up from the baiting area.

Plant baits to be incorporated into baits

For specific carp fishing we can incorporate in our baits cooked hemp, cooked wheat, cooked corn, cooked beans, cooked lupin, cooked tiger nut, cooked peanut, pellets and crushed boilies...
In almost all flour mixtures I add 30% of dry bread crushed and softened in water. Wetting the groundbait is a very important step.
The starter must be just wet enough to be able to form compact balls by squeezing it tightly, which can be crumbled by rubbing them between the hands.
It is essential to incorporate in your bait a good quantity of the baits you want to use and which by spreading on the bottom, will retain the carps on the blow.
You will have understood that all this is only a strategy to put in confidence the carps which will fall on the "dessert" which is nothing else than your leader where a trapped bait waits for them!...

The flours that make up your primers

* QS = sufficient quantity
Bird-foodBirds-foods are pellets originally intended for birds. Their granulometry is sometimes quite large, so they can always be ground again to refine the mix if necessary. Their protein content is quite low (around 15-25%) but their digestibility is excellent.10%
Ground peanutVery oily, very nourishing, peanuts are a product intended above all for large bottom fish. Large bream, roach and carp love it. However, peanuts should be used very fresh, and without exaggerating the dosage.10%
Blonde breadcrumbsThis is the basis of any primer worth its name. It consists of the crumb and the crust ground together. Use in medium to coarse grinds for carp.10 à 40%
Fluorescent breadcrumbsIt is simply coloured breadcrumbs (yellow, red, green) that seem to attract fish both visually and by taste.10 à 30%
Ground hemp seedRightly considered as a roach magnet, it is also of interest to other white fish, especially carp. It can be used raw or roasted depending on the desired effects (fat and ground: sticky and high oil content - roasted: semi-dispersive with strong olfactory attraction). It is a product that makes the bait work wonderfully and whose proof of effectiveness is no longer to be demonstrated.10%
Ground corianderThis aromatic seed has a lingering scent that makes it a popular choice for pleasantly scenting a mixture.5 à 10%
Biscuit flourRich in sugar, and sometimes fat, biscuit flour is appreciated by all fish. It exists mainly in two forms: lighter and dispersing or fatty and sticky. The fine grind (e.g. wafer or ice cream cone) is reserved for frying and small fish. The fatty biscuit (e.g. butter biscuits), fine or coarse, is rich in proteins and fats and is intended for large cyprins such as carp or tench.20%
Lupin flourThis flour is very rich in protein while remaining very digestible.20%
Gingerbread flourGingerbread flour is a sticky product used to bind the ingredients of a groundbait. It is always useful to have some with you as carp also like the sweet aroma. Gingerbread bought in the shops and ground by yourself is also suitable.10%
Fish mealEasy-to-use dispersing flour with naturally pronounced flavours and a protein content of +- 65% with a fat content of 8 to 10%.10 à 30%
Corn glutenThis orange-yellow product is rich in vegetable proteins. Very sticky, it is appreciated by big fish. It is also effective for large roach, tench and carp.5 à 10%
Ground flaxLike the hemp seed, this seed is heavy, nourishing and fatty or even oily: it is perfect for making a mixture work.10%
Pv 1A major ingredient in the composition of groundbaits, PV1 was first discovered and used by anglers. It is a complete product, rich in sugar, sticky and especially very heavy. So many qualities that make it a must-have meal for all bottom fish.10%
Wheat semolinaThis is an economical, easy to use meal that is more than well accepted by the coveted carp. Very rich in carbohydrates and well supplied with proteins, it is the basis of many commercially available baits. It has a high binding capacity.20%
CornmealCoarse cornmeal (not to be confused with fine cornmeal) can be used raw to increase the density of a base, but it is advisable to cook it as it becomes sticky and filling. It is generally used in rivers.5 à 20%
Maize mealUsed in fine grind or in large pellets, maize germ cake has acquired its credentials in today's groundbaits. It is most often used boiled and has a very pleasant smell.QS

Primer stimulants and additives

* QS = sufficient quantity
Lemon balm (Citronella)When added to high-fat flours, it facilitates digestion and enhances the smell of the mixture.5 à 10%
OreganoOregano is a plant which, after drying and grinding, becomes flour which is incorporated into baits as a dispersant and flavouring agent.5%
CocoaThe flours obtained by roasting and grinding the seeds of the cocoa tree are mixed with sugar to make chocolate. Added to primers, it is a stimulant and purgative in both bottom and top primers.5 à 10%
The CaramelThe heated sugar turns into caramel which, when crushed, gives a sugar that is introduced into the primers to bind the elements together. It is excellent in groundbaits. Its pleasant flavour attracts large cyprins (bream and carp).10%
Chenevis OilObtained by pressing hemp seeds, we obtain hemp oil. Added to carp baits, it is stimulating and laxative with only a few drops.QS
BergamotA few drops of the oil from the pear-shaped fruit stimulate the appetite of the fish.QS
The VanillaThe vanilla plant is a climbing plant from which it bears fruits in the form of pods 25 cm long and 2 cm wide, from which vanilla seeds are extracted. Industrially synthesised, vanilla extract is used in baits or in the manufacture of boilies, in the form of vanilla sugar or syrup.QS
Norway TarThis bituminous product is obtained by carbonising pine trees in an airtight environment. Norway tar is brownish-black in colour, sticky and irresistibly attractive to carp and tench.QS
HoneyVery sweet and sticky, honey is incorporated into groundbaits to agglomerate the ingredients and for its palatability. Particularly interesting for carp.10%
La MelasseObtained during the production of beet or cane sugar, molasses is nourishing and sweet, and is also used in primers because of its low solubility.QS
The BrasemMade from coconut and molasses, brasem is added to groundfish baits. Different forms of brasem are commercially available. Dosages vary according to the concentration of the product.QS
FenugreekThe seeds of this legume are used to stimulate the digestive system and appetite of fish, which is why it is used in groundbaits for large cyprin.5%
CurcumaThis plant is very rich in starch, which is used in curry. These yellow-ochre spices colour and flavour the baits, and turmeric develops high exciting powers. It is used, usually in reduced doses, in background mixtures.QS
ScopexScopex is an industrial secret aroma which is said to come from the transformation of apples into alcohol. It is a very effective scent for boilies and baits and is appreciated by fish.QS

Carp bait recipes

I propose you some recipes of baits that I use for carp but also for all the big cyprinids when I fish in English. You can add stimulants or additives according to the doses advised above and incorporate crushed vegetable baits before wetting your baits.
These 1kg base recipes augmented with additives, crushed bait and water will make approximately 10 orange sized balls of groundbait.
For all baits I personally add 20% dry bread softened and crushed in water.
The wetting of the groundbait is a very important step.
The groundbait should be just wet enough to form compact balls that can be cast easily.
It is essential to incorporate in your groundbait a good quantity of the baits you want to use (cooked hemp, cooked wheat, cooked corn, cooked beans, cooked lupin, cooked tiger nut, cooked peanut, pellets and crushed boilies...) which when scattered will make it easier to catch. ), which will scatter on the bottom and hold the carp in place.

Recipe n°1

* 500 g fluorescent or blond breadcrumbs
* 200 g crushed fatty biscuits
* 200 g of ground gingerbread
* 100 g ground hemp seeds

Recipe n°2

* 250 g lupin flour
* 150 g soy flour
* 200 g ground peanuts
* 150 g pralineor flour
* 150 g hazelnut flour
* 100 g molasses flour

Recipe n°3

* 250 g of light breadcrumbs
* 250 g lupin flour
* 150 g corn flour
* 150 g rye flour
* 150 g buckwheat flour
* 50 g vanilla flour

Recipe n°4

* 400 g de chapelure blonde
* 200 g ground peanuts
* 100 g soy flour
* 100 g cooked cornmeal
* 100 g cooked ground hemp seed
* 100 g ground flaxseed

Recipe n°5

* 200 g corn flour
* 300 g corn meal
* 200 g ground roasted hemp seeds
* 200 g of crushed biscuits
* 100 g sweet cornflakes

Recipe n°6

* 200 g wheat semolina
* 200 g corn flour
* 300 g of crushed dry bread
* 100 g of ground gingerbread
* 200 g corn cake

Recipe n°7

* 350 g of ground Frolic
* 200 g corn flour
* 250 g PV1
* 200 g ground hemp seed

Recipe n°8

* 400 g de chapelure blonde
* 100 g gluten flour
* 100 g bean flour
* 100 g cornmeal
* 50 g casein
* 50 g potato flakes

Recipe n°9

* 100 g wheat semolina
* 100 g maize meal
* 100 g soy flour
* 100 g cooked ground hemp seed
* 100 g ground pellets
* 100 g ground peanuts
* 200 g of light breadcrumbs
* 200 g boilie mix

Recipe n°10

* 300 g of brown breadcrumbs
* 100 g corn cake
* 200 g boilie mix
* 100 g ground hemp seed
* 100 g ground pellets
* 100 g ground peanuts
* 50 g ground gingerbread
* 50 g lupin flour

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