The spotting of the Carps

Carp should be caught where they're safe...

But how do we find the Carps?

Well before you start fishing and casting your rods, the most important thing before choosing your spot is to find out where the carp are.
I'll say it again, you have to fish where the carp are, after any kind of boilies is likely to make fish.
A super boilie placed with a quality bait is of no use if no fish venture into it.
Here are a few examples of how to spot productive spots.

Where to find the carps?

Fishing carp in ponds

Fishing for carp at Lac du Der

Signs of carp activity:

-The jumps : Carps jumping in and out of the surface reflect a start or end feeding movement.
It is then possible to follow their movements through the jumps and consider placing our lines on these courses.

- The excavations: the carp looks for its food by filtering the sediments which causes thousands of bubbles to rise to the surface.
They feed with their heads in the mud and you can see large bubbles appearing followed by several small ones moving in the direction of the fish.
They are not to be confused with other fish like breams, the bubbles are much more numerous and massive.

Jumps of carp off the water surface

Carp excavations in ponds

Carp porpoise on the surface

The borders:

The banks are first choice places where the Carps like to look for their food.
Many carpanglers neglect the banks in favour of more distant fishing. Unfortunately, they often miss a real opportunity which is in these places. Just because there are only a few inches deep near the bank, it doesn't mean that you don't think that fish don't frequent these areas.
Prefer calm, quiet banks with vegetation and trees overhanging.
Indeed, they find there a lot of choice (larvae, earthworms, seeds and fruits, plants, mussels, crayfish, bait from fishermen....
It is not rare that I place a rod between 2 to 10 meters of these banks and that my reels sing!

Fishing for carp near the edges

Fishing for carp near shaded edges

Fishing for carp under trees

The Shallows:

These are places not to be neglected, the carps like to gather there from spring to autumn, in lake, pond or gravel pit.
At the beginning and at the end of the season, the waters are warmer and thus these shallow waters are rich in food and algae which the carps are fond of.
These stations are effective in summer and mainly at night because in the middle of the day these surface waters are warm and not very oxygenated.

The herbariums:

The herbariums are also rich in food and the carps like to find themselves there to be gilded in the sun in summer.
Fishing in the middle of the meadows would not be a good tactic but placing a few lines nearby in the evening will give you surprises.

Fishing for carp in herbariums

Fishing for carp in water lilies

Fishing for carp at the edge of the reeds

Remote posts

Carp like to congregate in these places in summer or winter.
The depths are shallow and the water warms up quite quickly and the wind brings the warm surface water with the food there.
The counter-current zones are particularly appreciated by the carps which gather there.
These are characterized by a deep pit bordered by a shoal. These posts can be fished all year round, especially in early summer, but with baiting that can be copious.

Dikes, dams, bridge piers:

There again, the carp likes to feed near these walls and the fishing of this kind of spot is not to be neglected.
Moreover, these places abound in food carried by the current and deposited against the pillars where mixes vegetation and branches of brought trees.

Fishing for carp in the river

Fishing for carp below decks

Fishing for carp under stone bridges

Trees underwater:

They are used as a pantry for the carps who feel safe there, whether in a pond or a river.
They are nevertheless difficult places to fish because the carps sneak in the branches at the time of the departures and there, things are complicated dangerously for you.
We find there carps of good sizes in general which will give you a lot of trouble.
It is advised to use a light baiting and in recall (one or two handfuls of seeds, boilies).

The carp marker in submerged branches

Fishing for carp in branches submerged in the river

Fishing for carp in branches submerged in a pond

Tips for fishing near obstacles

In this kind of spot, launch with precision or lay your lines with a bait boat.
Apply the brakes on your reels and don't move away from your battery: the Carps won't let you have the advantage!
It is advisable to bridle it to prevent it from reaching the nearest obstacle.
Depending on its size and the material used, it is imperative to quickly establish a balance of power in our favour.
Your equipment will be put to the test and you cannot let the Carp do what it is supposed to do!

Throw with precision between the submerged branches of this spotlight

Articles updated on: 10/06/2020

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