The throwing of the lines and the different carp departures

To cast your lines effectively, you will need to prepare your rods and your position facing the water.
Make sure that your casting position is free of any obstacles (tree branches, tall grass, electric cables, busy passages, etc.) so that you can handle your carp rods without constraint.
A good alignment of your rings will allow your fishing line (nylon, braid or fluo carbon) to leave the reel spool quickly without being slowed down especially if your starting ring is over-dimensioned. This will allow you to cast your carp rig further.
A tip for casting, place your reel spool guide close to the blank as in the opposite position, with the rate of hard casting, the shaft of your reel could become "warped" over time, believe me.

After setting the stack (line, sinker and leader) to about half the length of your rod, the cast will be made with a slight swing of the line backwards in two or three times, followed by the forceful propulsion depending on the desired distance.
In my opinion this is the most accurate and powerful method(this is personal).

There are several methods of casting your line, the most used is the over the shoulder cast with:
* position n°1: one leg back and the other in front(which is the most common and powerful method).
* position n°2: both legs parallel and spread (rare because one is unbalanced at the time of the throw).
The throw is not very precise and does not allow for long distances.
WARNING: Do not hang up from behind (people, animals or equipment!).

How to cast your lines for carp

How to place your feet to cast your carp rods


Once you have read the sections on rigging, spotting and baiting, you should start fishing:
That's still the goal of our expedition, isn't it?

If you have to do a session of several days, I advise you to settle down in the morning if possible.
This will allow you to have time to set up your camp without precipitation and to set up your battery.

If you fish with 4 rods, position for example:
* 2 rods on the bait zone
* 1 long distance rod (fishing outside the baiting area and boat drop-off possible)
* 1 cane on the edge (10 to 15 m which often creates the unexpected surprise!)
This method will allow you to precisely locate the fish and possibly change tactics during your session.

At long distance, the lines will be tended to sensitize the keys to the maximum (weights from 100 to 140 gr).
At short distance (- 40 meters), the lines will be slightly slackened to avoid transmitting vibrations that would be transmitted on the spot (weights from 60 to 80 gr).

Once again, it is very important to check the stability of your rod pod or poles and to direct your rods in the direction of your rigs to avoid the risk of seeing your rods ejected and disappearing under water during lightning starts!

The golden rule is discretion in your presence, baiting and presentation of your bait.

Now that your lines are in the water, take the opportunity to tidy up and prepare yourself in case you have a start.
A net near the water and away from your battery, a deployed landing mat, a bucket of water to water the fish, antiseptic...ect.
In short, you should not leave your Carp alone who could be injured by falling off the mat.
If you are alone, plan in advance a foot for your camera set in auto-shoot and directed towards your mat.
Avoid holding your carp upright which could be dangerously wounded if it escapes from your hands.
Believe me, all these small adjustments will make your life easier!

BBiiiiip bip bip....

A start or a hit like that, indicates that a fish may be at the end of your line!
But this is not always the case and yes!
Sometimes a simple "Beep" should put you on alert!
Keep all your attention on the rod because several situations can occur!:

-1 One beep without a swing!
watch for lateral movement of the line, as fish may move slowly and parallel to the shoreline
it is advisable to grab the rod, tighten the brake slightly and while holding the spool with your left hand, lift the rod it!

-2 Start with the downhill swing!
It's definitely a "backwards" start, the fish comes towards you and the line relaxes.
It is advisable to take hold of the rod, tighten the brake slightly, regain contact with the fish while reeling and while holding the spool with your left hand, lift the rod and....strike!

-3 Departure with the detectors panicking and the reel emptying!
There's a problem, return the equipment to the manufacturer...(lol)
What do you think we should do? But do it now! I didn't say to get the moon.

Indeed, we still see too many fishermen shod like brutes, except that it is enough to calmly straighten your rod by holding the reel in one hand and then to tighten the brake to analyze what you are dealing with.
If you are in open water, don't panic, on the other hand if the carp goes towards obstacles, it is advisable to bridle firmly.
Coming back to the shackling, if your spool empties, it is because the hook has penetrated the flesh of the fish and with the inertia of the lead and the escape, the simple fact of retaining its line is more than enough to anchor the hook well.

Be aware that your baits are visited, absorbed and spit out regularly during your fishing session and that according to the setups made or the way the Carps will test your baits, it is the chance which will allow the hook to be pricked because even the best set up will not prick 100% every time!
Every start is different:
A fast rocket like start usually signals a medium carp or a common carp.
A very slow, smooth and continuous start indicates heavy and strong (big carp or catfish).

The fight with the fish, the clash of the titans or each opponent shows his strength: only one winner will come out of it... to be followed below.

Articles updated on: 12/09/2021

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