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Carp fishing videos and slideshows on Youtube and Daylimotion

A space dedicated to videos and slides of carp fishing sessions and editing tutorials for all enthusiasts.
A selection for you of the best films of the moment, all techniques and everywhere in the world.
Fishing is also sharing our passion, so you have the possibility to publish your own videos on Carpe-passion51, in order to make them visible to the greatest number of us.
You just have to send me by mail the link (contact page) or the file of your video in download
The fishing also brings us pleasure by viewing these magnificent images which will give you even more desire to go to place your rods in the water.

Record carpe de ToniSno aux Étangs ST-Hubert de Châlons en Champagne Session carpe à Rumilly les Vaudes dans l'Aube Session de pêche au Lac de Maléon dans la Marne Diaporama de carpes ToniSno
Départs carpes en direct mal gérés Session de pêche avec Rod Hutchinson et Leon Hogendjick Carp Fishing - Free Spirit DFH Challenge Pêche de la carpe en rivière - JB Morel / FOX
Enduro carpe Guermange 2015 Carp Fishing - The World Carp Classic 2019 Film Trophée Saint Cassien Edition 2019 Compilation de départs de carpes piquées sous l'eau

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